Healing the Self

Healing the Self

First and foremost I would like to clarify the real meaning of healing. Healing is the process and restoration of health or well-being from an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism to a normal and “balanced” state.

So, why the importance of healing the self? The answer is simple, to bring ourselves into alignment with our purpose in life and lead a happy and fulfilling life.

I understand that it all sounds too easy, and it isn’t, it requires time, dedication and effort.  But once you achieve it you will start to notice the benefits.

What gives the authority to even touch on this subject?

Let me tell you a bit more about myself. I am a Life Coach and I specialise in Spiritual Coaching, also I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, Energy Healer and Energy Psychologist. From my work I have learned the importance of keeping and cultivating a healthy Mind and Soul, how it affects our daily activities and our perception of the world around us.

You are probably asking yourself, OK, how do I heal the self? My mind and soul? Here is what has worked for me, it isn’t set on stone, give it a go and feel free to contact me to share your results.

It all begins with the desire to want to change and improve your life. By change I mean want to improve your standard of life and relationships or whatever you may want.

Once you have identified what needs changing. Keep a diary of it. Notice where it happens, who is involved, what you are doing at the time it happens. This could be a habit, an addiction or simply a behaviour you would like to change.

After you find what triggers you, sleep on it, meditate. Explore where it all stems from. It could be linked to an earlier incident in your childhood or teen years; a belief you created to protect yourself and has continued to hinder your progress in life.

When you face your trigger, do what you can to walk away from it; take a deep breath in or count up to 10. If you manage to successfully avoid any confrontation or set back, ask yourself: What can I do next time to not find myself in similar situations? Where did it go wrong? Did I get myself into this intentionally?

Listen to the answers you get and do not dismiss them, written them down in your journal if you have any, or start one.

All good so far but how do it heal myself? You are probably asking yourself.

The next step is to explore the “underworld” of the subconscious mind, that place where we bury memories and emotions that we found hurtful and dangerous; yes, we step into those areas of our mind we wished we never had to face again.

There is three ways we can work in this underworld or battlefield of the mind, these are:

  • Meditation, simply by closing our eyes holding that emotion, feeling or nothingness and chasing it; allowing whatever we get to come forward to reveal itself, then do your very best to find the correlation with the situation. For example if you have is irritability and everyone triggers you, no matter where you are or what you do, everything irritates you. Hold that state of irritability as you close your eyes and allow your innate intelligence, your inner cosmos to take where it feels you need to go to. See what see, hear what you hear and feel what you feel. Once an image comes to mind, let it develop in your mind and see the relevance and notice where it takes you to, stay there as long as it takes. At the end, write down any information or revelations you may have had from the experience. Do it as often as you feel it is necessary and beneficial to you. I personally prefer to keep it as a daily ritual where I explore my inner world after any negative and see where I need to work on.
  • Matrix Reimprinting. What the…? I can hear you say… Let me tell you a bit more about Matrix Reimprinting. Matrix Reimprinting is a fairly new therapy, it is a technique derived from EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), which has been around for over 20 years. In EFT you “tap” on specific tapping points which correlate to meridians found in the body, it is like acupuncture but without the needles. In Matrix Reimprinting the Practitioner taps on the client, or you tap on yourself as you step into the “Matrix”, which is all around us and accessible to us at any time. In here we use the concept of Quantum Physics. Once you go into the matrix, you replay the scene or memory that “troubles” you; the only limit is your imagination. Your goal is to “alter” or “change” aspects of the memory you feel are the cause to your “issues”. You can work on the matrix as often as needed, and change as many elements as you find necessary. At the end you “reimprint” the new memory and it gets sent to the heart centre, “our true mind”. Many people feel the benefits of this therapy with only one session, others may need 5 or more.
  • Energy healing, there are many forms of energy healing, I will only touch on Reiki on here. Reiki literally means Universal Energy, which is all around us and accessible to all at any time. This wonderful energy is available to all, however, in order to feel the “true” Reiki experience you have to either be initiated into Reiki or go to Reiki Practitioner to feel this energy. What Reiki does is it released blocked energy from the body; it is these blockages that become negative emotions, illness, disease and beliefs. The Reiki Energy is so smart that it goes where it is required, the practitioner may direct the energy specifically where it is needed or the energy simply travels where it is most needed. The more Reiki you get, the more you are able to notice the difference, you see the clarity in issues, that there isn’t a victim or a perpetrator, we simply co-create the reality we manifest, simply put, we are all guilty or victims of our own actions. As the saying goes: it takes two to tango. Reiki has been around for over 100 years, however, energy healing has been available for millennia, we just forgot about it.

These three simple yet so powerful tools, can so positively help you move towards your happier, fuller and more whole self.

Another easy technique and perhaps the most powerful of all is the tact. When was last time you physically gave yourself a pat on the back? Or gave yourself a hug? Or just put your hands on your heart and felt it beat?

We forget, how wonderful it feels to feel our skin, the hairs on our body, or just being aware of our breath. What I would suggest, is daily spend some time with yourself, 5, 10, 15 minutes or however long you can afford.

What is your body telling you? Open your third eye or intuition and pay attention what your body tells you. Is it asking you to rest? Is it telling you you need to eat? Or is thanking you for recharging your batteries and getting in touch with it.

As children, we all experience how our parents rush towards us when we fall off our bicycles and graze our body, the hug us, kiss us and make all go away, simply being there works for us. Then, why not do the same for ourselves when we have a bad day? When nothing seems to go right in our lives…

I invite you and encourage you to rekindle your relationship with your body and your “self”; heal it by being kind to it and being present, eat healthily, exercise, treat it to a pampering weekend, and let go of your worries. And on a daily basis touch your “temple”, your body and send it love, send it kindness; and it will reciprocate.

I look forwards to hearing from you and how see how you got on.

Much love,


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