Know your limits!!!

Know your limits!!!


Recently I was asked by a friend to carry out some tasks for him, to which I agreed without any hesitation, I felt honoured and excited at the same time, for I was about to embark into something new and out of my comfort zone and it made me feel great about it.

Like most people with a growth mindset (people who embrace change and see everything as an opportunity), I looked at this challenge in a very positive way. knowing consciously it was not me at all.

A few weeks past and I started questioning myself. Am I scared I may fail? Is this too much for me? Am I approaching this the right way?

I am not going to lie I was petrified, I did some tapping on myself, played in the “matrix“, did some timeline work, coached myself, did some energy work and healing on myself, trying to get to the root of this doubtful voice I was listening to (aka subconscious mind).

And then it hit me… I came to understand that I agreed to do something which was not me at all, I simply agreed because it excited me and I felt I had to do it, without taking into account whether my heart was in it. I took on a task that was way out of my abilities and skills.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because at times we do or agree to things because we feel obliged or we are put under the spot. When we truly know what our call or purpose in life is, we are able to recognise and in a very realistic manner admit what is out of our scope.

I would like you to understand that it is OK to at times admit we are taking too much on, or our eyes are bigger than our belly; that we don’t have the skills required or we aren’t the ideal person for the post. It takes a lot of courage to say, this is not me. Trust me in the long run you will thank yourself!

Ultimately what happens is we feed our fears and limiting beliefs by committing to something bigger than our capabilities, then fail and fall into a greater hole and hear the nagging voices saying: I knew it! Or surprise, surprise, another failure! You will never amount to anything! You have done it again, etc.

By admitting we don’t have the skills or don’t meet the criteria for a role or task, we are saying to ourselves, I know what I can and cannot do, this is not me and I will not fall into the trap of starting something I will not finish, and hurt myself along the way.

How many times we hear people complaining or showing signs of frustration because they are unhappy, this unhappiness in my experience stems from either lack of skill or practice, or simply because these people are undertaking tasks or jobs that are way out of their capabilities.

When we gain an understanding of our likes and dislikes in life we are capable of saying out loud, this is me or this is not me; however, if we are clueless as to what our strengths and weaknesses are we will go in life punishing and judging ourselves, creating beliefs that we aren’t good enough, that we will never amount to anything.

So, I encourage you, take a good look at your life, your job and even your relationships. Are you stuck in a rut? Do you ever wish you were elsewhere? Or on the contrary. Do you feel a sense of belonging? Do you feel there is nothing else in the world you would rather do?

Be honest, see your life and current situation through the eyes of an outsider, what would they see and say about you and what they see?

Much love,


JV new

Please let me know what you discover about your current situation. 

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