Seeking Guidance

Seeking Guidance

Believe you can do it

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this blog and invest a bit of time in yourself, the most important person in the world and a perfect creation.

As we age we become very set in our ways, some people call it stubborn, others call it knowing what we want. Regardless of the name we give it, we aren’t doing ourselves any favours.

This stubbornness which we adopt quite simply as a mechanism of self-defence; which, by the way is quite normal, we want to protect ourselves from harm, strangers and even the unknown.

But by doing this, or being this way we miss out on real opportunities, growth being the number 1.

Why would this affect us? By being set in your ways, you are admitting you have a fixed mindset, it is either black or white (no shades of grey), all or nothing (there is no room from something), your way or no way.

Earlier in life, after having undergone my teenage years (which by the way were as dramatic as any other teenager), I learned and understood the importance of having a mentor, a person I could go to when I needed guidance or needed advice.

Having had a mentor much older than me, one of my college tutors; opened my eyes to a life of growth, options, possibilities and abundance.

This great mentor, whose name I have to mention Judith Atencio, expanded my horizons and reprogrammed my mindset.

I learned the importance of having an open mind, listening and being present, educating myself and reading; tools which I didn’t need at the time but helped me immensely in the years that follow.

The sole reason I share this with you is because as I life coach I believe we have to experience things in life, to then become the role model, speak from experience rather than through theory. Besides being a life coach, I am an experiential coach; I speak from my failures and successes, so I can share with others what has worked and hasn’t worked for me, not to influence people’s decision but to give them a different perspective.

When we come to a crossroads in life and realise we need to take a different route in life, try a new approach, I find the most important thing is to take ourselves out of the equation, practising mindfulness and being humble.

It is at this point we are able to admit we need help, and we can start looking for it; is it a person we need to help us? A book? A video? Etc.

What follows after that most important first step is a journey of learning and self-discovery, overcoming fears, conquering negative beliefs; exploring possibilities and expanding our mindset.

Once our mindset starts to grow, we are in the right direction to take control of our lives and whatever we put our minds to, we will achieve; it will be almost as if we can do magic, and this magic doesn’t come from ether, it comes from us, within us and from believe in ourselves.

Note. If this blog has helped in any way, do not hesitate to contact me and share with me your successes. I look forwards to hearing from you.


1 thought on “Seeking Guidance

  1. I’m just starting to appreciate my dreams as part of my inner creative landscape, rather than just silly fantasies. Every change has to start somewhere I guess? Certainly, will be looking out for those informal mentors in my life; those people I cross paths with who perhaps have a gem that I might otherwise miss. I’ve just started a new Mindfulness meditation set around creativity so will be looking out for what dreams and mentors are telling me.


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