When we are born we have access to the unlimited knowledge of the universe, we know our purpose in this lifetime and we come with a plan of action, a step-by-step guide.

Suddenly, everything changes, we forget, we disconnect and we lose our focus. Do we, however, know what happens?

From really early in life we are shaped and affected by everything that surrounds us, noises, environment, animals, and people!!! It is this last factor that has a huge impact in our lives. At that moment of our growth we are creating our “map of the world”, we are learning what is and isn’t good, what is and isn’t important to us, etc.

At that age, as we have heard time and time again, we are like sponges and we are absorbing all that is around us, good and bad. We learn to speak, read, walk, play, we recreate what we see in our proximity.

But, at the same time when we are in that learning stage, subconsciously we are stacking our limiting beliefs up, which don’t show till later on as behaviours, habits and negative talk.

Before we carry on, I would like to say…

You are awesome

According to some studies these limiting beliefs we get or learn from family, neighbours, friends, teachers, media, etc.; which is unfair to say you would say, as these people love us and we put our trust in them.

To better understand this is worth noting the subconscious mind, which sole purpose is to protect us… does not understand negatives, FACT!!!

So when are little, and our siblings say to us: do not play with my toys, the first thing we will do is play with their toys, which will then end up in them being mean to us, and they may say things like you are useless, you are an idiot, you always screw up, you ruin everything…

We then grow up, and find ourselves in situations where people say to us similar things… you always screw up, you are useless, etc.

What is happening here?

Earlier in our lives when we were learning about life and creating our own map of the world and found ourselves being called names, told we were not good enough etc., our subconscious mind is programmed with that idea that we are not good enough and that’s when our belief systems our formed.

Then, what can we do to change that?

Firstly we need to acknowledge there is an area of concern, that something needs to be improved or changed.

Once we have figured out what this are of concern is, we identify how it impacts in our lives, work, family, socially, etc.; how we can improve it and determine if there is any positive intention in this “habit/behaviour”.

We then look at how we best learn and what type of therapy would work for us. You may need to see a therapist or quite simply be able to change these behaviours by yourself.

Essentially what are aiming to do is to reprogramme our subconscious mind, the way we see ourselves (value ourselves to be more accurate) and our map of the world.

[You will hear me talk about our “map of the world” quite a lot, as mentioned in one the previous blogs, this is our perspective and how we see things around us.]

This reimprinting or programming of new beliefs, doesn’t happen overnight, we have to work at it consistently and show true and 100% commitment to ourselves and our future.

If you aren’t making any progress, review your belief system and values; your dreams, wants and goals in life, ask yourself questions that will explore options and possibilities and not hinder your progress.

Our self-belief or self-esteem, which is the way we see ourselves, isn’t set on stone; it can be reshaped, altered and reprogrammed.

Do not forget we are the true Alchemists in our story, we can change anything as long as we make a decision to do so, have a plan of action in place and most importantly commit to it with a no matter what attitude until we free ourselves from our unwanted beliefs and create our lives by design.

There is only one person in control of your life and that is you. The choice is yours…


Much love,


Note. If this blog has helped in any way, do not hesitate to contact me and share with me your successes. I look forwards to hearing from you.

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