The power of dreaming

The power of dreaming


When I think of dreams and dreaming I see an acronym:

D Desire, know what your heart wants.

RRespect, for what you want and yourself, it is Okay to want better and more out of life as long as you don’t affect anyone.

E – Energy, a dream is lifeless if we don’t put any effort into making it real, dreams like goals need work and doing to make them happen.

AAcceptance, by this I mean accept the outcome and ourselves, love ourselves for who we are.

MMotivation, if your dreams don’t make you do something crazy every single day then they do not motivate you enough.

Once I read an article where it stated that the average person stops dreaming at the age of 25. At that moment I thought to myself: “My god, how sad it is to know people stop dreaming when their lives are just beginning.”

Many things happen in these peoples’ lives that force them to stop dreaming. I will, however, talk about the number one “issue”, limiting-beliefs, low self-esteem, map of the world, etc.

How do our limiting-beliefs stop us from dreaming?

What I have noticed in my professional experience and growing up was that very few people take notice of what is going on around them. Let me explain this further, in a “normal” family, let’s say 4, boy and a girl, and two parents. Each person in this family has their own “drama”, and their own beliefs. The father may be experiencing problems at work, working longer hours, not enough money to see them through the end of the month. The mother who may or not be working, may have similar problems at work, worrying about her husband possibly having an affair, her children’s education and the fact she feels she isn’t spending enough time with her family.

On the other hand we have the children, they may be really close in age or have a few years in between them. They both have their own personalities and already have perceptions about the world around them, “what is right and what isn’t right! (according to them anyway!)”. They may be struggling at school, bullying, puberty, etc.

As you can see I have descried almost 100% accurately what we see day in and day out in many families around us. And it is this never ending cycle or worrying and preoccupying about our personal issues that we grow learning to bottle it up, we become just too scare to share with our siblings, parents and friends what is troubling us.

So, the more we hide, conceal and bottle up what is happening in our lives; the more we strengthen and reinforce these negative beliefs, limiting-beliefs; we charge them up and make them even bigger than they were in the first place.

Now, there is a solution, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I would encourage you to take a look at your current situation. Are you happy? Is your current life what you dreamed of as a child?

If the answer is not, look back to your childhood and see whether you can see where it all started; almost as if you were looking for an archive at the library. What happened in your life that made you stop wanting to dream and create the life you deserve?

What belief did you form that day? Was there someone involved in the process? Are you punishing them by self-sabotaging yourself day in and day out?

Do this as often as you can, with your eyes closed. Look into the past, learn from it and use the knowledge you have gained to heal your past and be able to dream again. As I have said before taste the poison but don’t drink it.

You will see that with time you will be more optimistic about your life, you will dream again and you will start seeing live through the eyes of a child again and reconnect with all the wonders the world has to offer.

You will realise the true potential of dreaming when you see the growth in you and a life of possibilities, you will experience shifts in all levels; you will transfer this energy onto those around you, colleagues, friends, family and one by one you will transform peoples’ lives, just because you have taken ownership of your life and control of your dreams.

Realities are built upon dreams. Rome before it was built was dreamed of.

Find what it is you want and desire, respect how you feel about it, act on it, give it your all and make it happen. The world is your oyster. Hey, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Much love,


mind and soul

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