Chapter 1

Chapter 1


There are many people who don’t get this far. We are the lucky one who have seen another second, another minute, another hour, another day and most importantly another year.

Happy New Year to you all.

Today is by far the most important day of the year (at least I see it that way). Today DREAMS are built upon, fantasies created, wishes spread across the globe and hope scattered like glitter. But for how long will you stick to that promise or promises which we in a very naïve manner call resolutions?

I would encourage to honour your former self, the person from yesterday, last year. If they could see you, in your current state, what would that say? Would they be pleased? Or perhaps saddened to see you are worse off?

Many of us before the clock ticks midnight look up to the sky and silently pray that the New Year would be a tiny better than the previous year or at least more gentle.

But what if I were to say you have always had the tools and capacity to build those dreams to your liking? To create your perfect reality? The perfect life?

Whenever I have a client I ask them what their beliefs and values are? What do they hold important in the heart, lives and in general?

What are your beliefs and values? Are they getting you where you want to head to? Or are they simply holding you back?

What is important to you? Your family? Your job? Money? Protect the planet? Are you doing all you can to fulfil your dreams? Or are you just watching yourself in the third position, how all goes wrong and you are unable to warn or even protect yourself?

By asking all these questions I don’t wish to make you feel uncomfortable or make you feel guilty, or even make you visit the past; I am just urging you to start in the NOW, take control of your life and teach others to do the same.

Take a notepad, a tablet or a desktop and make a list of everything you want in life, DREAM, be a 5 years old and dream on paper, be as ambitious as you possibly can and ignore any negative self-talk, ALLOW yourself to be a dreamer; once you have a list of all the things you want next to them give them a date by which you would like it, i.e. one month, 6 months, one year, etc..

Keep this document by your bedtable, in your pocket and with you 24/7, and whenever you feel “down”, take it and see what your former self dreamt of at one point, making you reconnect with your desires, dreams and hope and take you where you want to in life.

Just remember whatever have happened in the past, is gone, it doesn’t matter any longer; if it however, bothers you, seek professional help to help you deal with it. And the future is not set on stone for anyone, you are the writer of that poem or book, you are the sculptor of that master piece, and only you can make it happen.

Much love,


mind and soul

PS. If you have any feedback or comment do not hesitate to share with me.

1 thought on “Chapter 1

  1. Yes, it is too easy for us to think that the turning of the calendar will somehow make us different, our relationships different, our lives different. We have become programmed to look outside ourselves for our joys. I’m sure the secrets lie within, if we can only tap into our own creativity, spirituality and divinity.
    I have made new years resolutions but am not expecting things to change, unless I can discover my own tools and learn new tools to become who I am supposed to be. The rest will, as they say, follow.


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