Revolution – Worth A Read

Revolution – Worth A Read

A Translation From Revolución A Song By Monica Naranjo


Hello from Miami, here I am all jetlagged and blogging.

I have always said you can learn from anything, if you want to!

For as long as I can remember I have loved listening to ballads and immersing myself in those beautiful lyrics, I become them, I become the music and go to a land of possibilities and love.

At this point I would like to add that even though I love music, I cannot dance to save my life, so I just listen to it (maybe dance in secret when no one is watching).

So, for decades I have listened to music to put myself in the shoes of the composer and see life through their eyes.

There have been many love ballads that have stolen my heart and every time I listen to them I am transported to when they were the most significant to me, I relive that experience and well, you know how it goes (we all have a few of those songs!).

However, the rebel in me also likes poignant songs that have a message which is direct and to the point.

This song I played one day by accident, it meant nothing, as they often do.

I played it again, I was curious about the lyrics.

The third and forth times I played this song, the lyrics resonated with something so deep in me that I felt compelled to share it with those of you who don’t speak Spanish or don’t know Monica Naranjo.

Monica is a Spanish singer, song writer her music is beautifully written and sung, and you can tell the lyrics have been written with care and love, so when sung they touch both your heart and soul.

She has released a few songs in English, so check her out, you will enjoy her music.

So, here it is, the translation to Revolución.



(I dream) in the abyss I am falling

(I turn) and my destiny is a mystery

I know there is something else

And I cannot decipher it


(I fly) between the shadows and I get lost

(I fall) in another dream and I wake up

From this solitude

And this path gets even longer

I made a mistake

Today, my sky has shades of grey

I will change it,

I put my will first





It goes against everyone who judges

My conscience and my truth


It is a fight without borders

To win my freedom


(Tell me) why do you criticise what I say

(Speak) what is your problem with me

I don’t know what it is

That bothers you so much

You see, I am the way I want to be

Look at me, I don’t care

Whether you come or go

I made a mistake

Today, my sky has shades of grey

I will hold on to my will





I understand the translation might not do this song any justice, but in a nutshell the song is about someone who is fighting for their freedom, a freedom from the world, a freedom that is their way out, and also a freedom from the self, our judgements.

When this freedom is there, this freeing of the spirit, soul or mind, or whatever you want to call it, this is a real revolution.

You learn that you aren’t someone’s victim, you are in control, which ties in beautifully with what we talked about in yesterday’s blog, being a victim.

When you realise that you are free to do whatever you want to (within limits, obviously), people will talk, judge and criticise because you are going against the norm, whatever normal is!

So, I invite you revolutionise your life by taking control of your actions and your life.

Reclaim what is yours and takes those shades of grey in your life, and bring colours into your life, design it the way you want it.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, which I know is different, and the same time very personal, I share with you something that matters to me, something I love and I would like you to be a part of too.

Till next time (when I will be in Miami).

Please as always, enjoy, comment, share and give me feedback. I would love to hear from you (BTW thank you to those who have commented, I love your kind words).

With all my love.

From my heart to yours,









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