Are You Having Fun

Are You Having Fun?

Let Your Head Down And Enjoy The Moment


Good day wherever you are reading.

I am 100% excited and buzzing and so so glad to be having fun.

As I have mentioned before I am here in Las Vegas, Nevada at a conference (forth one BTW), and I have had a great learning experience.

I am having enough fun to carry me to the next level in my life. Although, I am jetlagged, I’ve had very little sleep from the night before and getting ready to have another full on day, I am present and enjoying every second of my time here in Las Vegas and in my life.

Last night was a night of many learnings (I never seem to come out of my coach/therapist role for some reason!), I was on a party bus on the Las Vegas Strip, and OMG to see everyone letting go and letting their heads down was so inspiring.

I am here on a business trip, yes! Totally! But, what about me? What about leading by example?

If you remember, previously I wrote about Work & Life Balance and, I am the evidence you can do that 100% if you commit to it and if you understand that if there isn’t a balance there is something missing or you simply aren’t present in your life or that of others.

With only four hours sleep (OMG, I promise you Las Vegas doesn’t sleep – so I’ve slept lots hehe), I feel renewed, I feel refreshed and 100% present in my life and this world.

So, my question to you is, are you having fun?

Are you finding a balance that allows you to have fun with family and friends, and at the same time giving your best at your job or business?

Last night was full of metaphors, wherever I looked I saw people’s comfort zones being stepped out of and, new and happy memories being created.

At this party bus there was a “pole” for pole dancing and each and every one of us had a go at it, we did not care what the others thought. In fact, everyone was so encouraging and supportive; I, for once was not the best, yet no one cared and I still got a cheer.


No one is really looking to judge us or criticise us. It is US!

We are the ones who put those obstacles there. We create this imaginary movie in our heads of what people might or would say!

Last night was about “leadership” too, taking a role of guiding others and ensuring everyone was “safe” and enjoying themselves.

Who doesn’t like having fun?

Who doesn’t like being part of something greater than themselves?

Last night was about communication, laughter, creating happy and healing memories and teachings. Last night was a new paradigm being created, you can have the cake and eat it too.

You can even go one better, you get the recipe for the cake, you get to bake it (have some of the batter too!), and eat it, and repeat as many times as you wish!

Last night was much more than about me, last night was everyone else and the universe.

Last night was a happy night, I chose it, I created; others didn’t, or simply chose something else (going to bed – boring!).


I helped people have fun, others helped me have fun, we created happy and lasting memories, our “egos” were put to one side and love reigned over everything. It was so magical to witness.

Are you creating happy and healing memories in your life right now?

One thing I have learned for certain is that the mind and our will is soooo strong, so giving and so flexible, but before that we have to allow it to be.

So, it is almost time to start getting ready for the last day of my conference, and I am going to have another fun day, guess what? I choose to do so.

Go out there and have fun.

You will thank me later.

Till next time.

With all my love.

From my heart to yours,



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