Spring Cleaning And The Mind

Spring Cleaning And The Mind

Tidy Mind, Tidy House


Hey there, today is my last day here in Las Vegas, Nevada; I was at a global conference with Arbonne International, so I had to start packing for tomorrow and got into that spring cleaning, decluttering mood and I tell you what, I loved every second of it.

I would like to start by thanking Cristina Alciati by suggesting I wrote on this subject (see, I listen).

My response to Cristina was, I looooove this subject. I am a very tidy person (guess that knowing about the mind helps too!).

So, here we go.

I (long, dramatic and diva like pause…) live with a hoarder!

For those of you in relationships you know what that means, war! The war in my household (I swear to god) is like a Third World War, this time between the Celtics and Latinos – fiery red head and a fiery latino – the skirt meets the red lippy and things end up pretty messy (normally his stuff!).

Enough of my private life.

During my NLP training and throughout my Coaching, Therapy and Training careers I have learned and noticed a great deal.

In a nutshell because I am a highly visual person, order is very important to me, first impressions are everything to me. My beloved partner (when he is tidy only!), on the contrary is a kinaesthetic person which means things have to feel right (for him), with these feelings he also gets emotionally attached to things, toys, magazines, collectables, you name it, he gets emotionally attached to it (even me, strangely enough!).

Don’t get me wrong I am far from perfect, – I just like to colour coordinate my wardrobe, skincare, underwear and jewellery (who doesn’t?).

All jokes aside, it is OK to get emotionally attached to objects and artefacts, etc., and enjoy a bit of mess, even I do (not that often, let’s clarify – I clean before my cleaner comes, for crying out loud!); though, what happens when we collect too many things?

What is this saying about us?

When you take into account Feng Shui and modern energy work (I will touch on this later and on NLP too), the more stuff we have, the less room we have, the less the energy is able to flow and as a direct result the home’s energy becomes stagnant or blocked, and because this is the environment we live in it has a huge impact on everything we are and do.


Tidy mind, tidy house.

Equally, it can be said tidy house, tidy mind.

There is a very noticeable change in our psychic and energy levels when we change to a tidier environment, this environment then has an effect in our internal environment, i.e. our minds.

Dirty, cluttered house = dirty, cluttered mind. Negative thoughts start to emerge, we don’t get the results we want in life and we become stagnant as a whole.


When we live in a tidy and decluttered house, guess what? We end up with a tidy and clutter free mind. That simple.

We think more logically, we find inspiration in every corner of our house, we project what is happening in our minds onto our homes.

So, spring cleaning?

IMHO, this is when we make the decision to declutter our heads to move towards something better, this could be a goal, forget a past relationship, heal a past wound, let go of the past, etc.

All we need to do is look at the environment and house, and ask the following question: Is the energy in this house me? Do I like it? Is the energy flowing or stagnated?

This my dear friends is awareness, takes practice, it isn’t impossible, though.

I also ask the following question: is this object serving me for anything?

Or, when was the last time I wore this garment? When was the last time I used that gadget?

Then, I either give it away or throw it away.

Every time I do this, I feel a weight is taken off my shoulders and almost as if by magic things happen, better results, clarity and positivity become more apparent.

Don’t we all want this?

So, look around you and notice what objects are sucking the energy out of your house and life? What needs to change in the house so your mind changes too?

It isn’t difficult, just requires practice.

If you are happy with every aspect of your life, then change nothing; but, if you aren’t, why not move things around and see what happens next?

Remember and don’t forget it, tidy mind, tidy house.

Thank you for reading and, please suggest more things to write about.

Till next time.

With all my love.

From my heart to yours,



1 thought on “Spring Cleaning And The Mind

  1. Fantastic! Well done Jorge, I feel the same about clutter both around the house and in my head. Lots of shedding and clearing going on at the moment making room for new things and thoughts. 🙂 Safe journey home.


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