Flicking The Switch

Flicking The Switch

Are Your Daily Habits Helping You Towards Your Goals?




As jetlagged as I am (and I mean it is bad – hardly slept since I got back to the UK), after the incredible almost two weeks I had in the USA, I feel something changed in me.

Although, I am in personal development (as a Coach, Trainer and Author), I do my best to keep on top of my game, I am not going to deny it; I, too fall prisoner to procrastination and the lack of action.

I am getting better, though!

There is an incredible book entitled The Slight Edge (amazing book!), here the author Jeff Olson talks about those daily habits, routines or actions we take and how they shape our future, they either work with us or against us.

We choose…


This is exactly what I am experiencing right now, such momentum, clarity and alignment in my head and life, for that matter.

Because I have been working on myself for almost more than half my life, whenever I hear a message, quote or read a text, I am now able to get it almost instantly (sometimes I totally miss it!).

That repetition has finally sunk in and a switch has been flicked.

In terms of Modern Energism (I will explore this incredible subject in the last few blog posts), I am so high in the Energy Scale (aka SUE Scale – Subjective Unit of Experience), that pretty much everything seems effortless.

Why? Because I am operating from a place where the energy is flowing rapidly, I can think clearer, and love and logic work hand in hand.

My energy body, energy mind and my heart of energy (more of this later, I promise) are all working in the same direction, towards the same goals, and I am working towards my dreams knowing that I have created this.

Writing this has reminded me of an incredible public speaker named Jim Rohn, he used to say – Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better – and, – work harder on yourself than you work on your job -!

It hasn’t always been easy, though, it does get easier the more you apply yourself and work consistently towards what you want.

Are you creating momentum in your life?

Are your daily habits taking you closer or further away from your dreams?

Be honest, and if you aren’t where you wanted to be, it isn’t too late to start working towards what you want.

I hope you have enjoyed this read.

Please, like, share, comment and suggest.

With all my love.

From my heart to yours,



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