Minding Our Own Business

Minding Our Own Business

We Are The Real Celebrities In Our Own Lives


Like most people, I too, love music, watching the movies, reading, etc.

I grew up with heroes and heroines, I had and have idols too.

Though, I never feel upset or saddened when one of them passes away.

Although, I had no subject to write about today, almost as if magic the Universe offered me this subject.

Minutes before sitting here to write, I read an article saying how 37 celebrities have died in 2016, so far.



That is my question.

So what?

We have grown (and I hold my hand in the air too!) to become consumers to everything around us, this also includes the “celebrities” and their lifestyle.

Why are people fascinated by a bunch of children singing, or a woman carrying an animal corpse on her, or two women kissing (though, two men kissing in public would not be seen as good!).

We go mad when the latest flavour of the month is in town. We want to die if we miss a gig that was meant to be the best thing since sliced bread.

What about minding our own business?

What about going crazy about our own lives too?

What about being that celebrity to those around us?

Please, do not get me wrong, some of these celebrities are incredibly amazing (or were), some like ABBA, The Beatles took music to a whole new level, they were real icons and visionaries for their time.

But, why do we cry when they are standing in front of us? Why do we get upset when they are splitting up?

What about putting the same emotions and energy into our lives?

I believe in role modelling, though, some (if not many) of these celebrities behave in ways that uninspire us rather inspiring us to be better.

Some of these celebrities (don’t get me started on footballers!), abuse their status and influence, so they end up taking advantage and destroying the faith people put in them.


We seem to be too involved and worried about their lives and in the process we forget about our own lives.


Is it because we feel the grass on their side is greener?

Why do we fall in love with “celebrities” that will let us down?

Why do we spend hundreds if not thousands to watch them, listen to them, dress like them and sometimes be like them?

Is this because we aren’t fully happy with ourselves and what we have?

Why? (If you have the answer, please share!)

I firmly believe that the icon, celebrity and super star we should look up to is ourselves, us. Period!

Tell our story and be the role model people aspire to be, rather than a follower wanting to be like somebody else.

Don’t our lives matter too?

Mine does. So, does yours.

Become more involved in your life, aspire to be the best version of yourself, not a clone of somebody else.

I get we fall in love with these people because they (sometimes) symbolise hope, but what about getting to work to make our dreams come true?

It is just my opinion and views, I know some will share it, others will see it as blasphemy, and that is OK!

I, however, believe we are better than some of these celebrities, we just need some reminding every now and then.

So, here it is, you are good enough, you are enough.

You are enough to make your life as colourful as the lives of some of these celebrities, you just don’t know it yet.

Wake up and make your dreams come true, you are enough.

As ever, like, comment, share and suggest.

With all my love (and boy I love you – and I mean it!).

From my heart to yours,



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