Taking A Day Off

Taking A Day Off

Rest To Restore Your Dreams


Often we tend to forget the importance of rest, taking a well-earned and deserved day off.

We tend to forget that “Rome was not built in one day”, it took a while to erect, people had to rest and take days off.

So, today I want to touch on this subject.

Every now and then we need to switch off from that what we are trying to achieve.

In my personal experience I have noticed if you don’t take yourself away from that project we start to dislike it, it gets you annoyed and you start to self-sabotage yourself.

I have experienced this first hand.

I would work my butt off for days, even weeks without even taking care of myself and after a while I started to begrudge my project.

This doesn’t stop here, there are other “side effects” to this: we neglect friends, we neglect partners, sometimes we don’t even eat properly nor exercise, life seems boring.

Recently I wrote about life & work balance, if you remember I mentioned we know what we should be doing, that if work is affecting our personal lives or vice versa, something has to be done.

I have noticed that taking a day off is a great way to strengthen our relationships, it is a great way to heal and relax, be fully present and live in the now.


At this point I would like to add that taking a day off, doesn’t necessarily mean from work and business, sometimes we also need a day off from our friends and family.

I have also noticed that when we take time off and let our minds wander, it is at times like these when we can potentially have the best ideas to finish our project or improve it, or simply make it more effective.

Why? I can hear some of your asking.

It’s really simple, because we aren’t stressing about it and pressurising ourselves our minds relax and ideas start to come to our conscious awareness, simply because we are letting our minds be.

Hence, I always carry my journal with me (I will write about journaling at another time).


Are you taking time off to be present, heal and reflect?

Are you self-sabotaging yourself for not taking time off?

Answer these two questions with honest and do something about it.

Till next time.

From my heart to yours,



2 thoughts on “Taking A Day Off

  1. Agreed! Rest & Recharge is so critical. Thanks for sharing your ideas & questions. Great post!


    1. Thank you for your feedback Dr. Andrea xox

      Liked by 1 person

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