Eating Yourself Back To Life

Eating Yourself Back To Life

Eat Well, Live Better


So far I have touched on many things, journaling, positive talk, being a victim, taking action, core values, etc.

Though, today I would like to touch on a subject very close to my heart, cooking!

In a previous life I was a patisserie chef.

Wow amazing, I can hear some of you say, the truth is it wasn’t that glamorous!

It was fun, though!

Coming from a land where food is appreciated, almost venerated, from a very young age I learned to love food, both eating it and cooking it.

The quality of the ingredients as well as the method of cooking was important too.

I remember in many occasions climbing on top of the roof of my mother’s house to grab mangoes and avocados straight from the tree (that was lush!!!).


Those little things made life enjoyable and timeless.

I remember always looking forward to coming home after a day out, just because I knew I would be invaded by an orchestra of smells coming from my mother’s kitchen.

When I look back I realised how fortunate I was because my mother too was a cook, in her late teens and early 20’s she worked in various mansions in Panama City where she learned how to cook to such high standards for a country girl.

Needless to say she passed that passion onto me.

I have always been a foodie and I will continue to be one.

I guess from an early age I learned about good food (my mother’s food was the best I swear – then I just got better than she was!), that the simpler the food was the better it tasted.

As crazy as it may sound, I naively thought that everyone cooked equally well and all parents cooked to the same standards as my mother did. I soon realised that wasn’t the case when I tasted friends and relatives’ foods (yuck! Lol).

When I moved out I took that passion for cooking with me, I would ensure I ate well and in alignment with what I knew from home.

Although, I started my University studies in Biology life had other plans for me.

Upon arriving to the UK I found myself looking for a “new” career.

What can I say? My stomach made the decision for me. Catering and Hospitality was the decision made.

I learned so much, from classic British dishes to more exotics Thai, Indian dishes and anything in between.

In those days I had no interest in nutrition or fitness (not too keen on fitness yet!), such valuable information I took for granted.

It wasn’t till my late 20’s when I learned Reiki and Modern Energism, that cooking and nutrition became even more important.

I learned that the foods we eat truly act as fuel to get us through our daily activities, that this fuel can either work with us or against us.

That the source of our foods can ultimately affect our moods.

To describe it better imagine this…

A deer running in the wild scared and struggling to find shelter and food, then to this equation we add the stress added by being hunted. Once it is shot by a stressed hunter, it dies distressed; whatever mood the hunter is it is then transferred on to the dead deer.

To that add the travel from the wild to the abattoir (please add the CO2 footprint too), then it gets to this place where other animals have died and been slaughtered, then taken to the butchers, then to the supermarkets, then handled by upset/angry/unhappy staff, we then grab it (after a long day!), carry it for a few minutes, then the cashier (who is not happy in his/her life) scans it, we then travel 25 minutes home, keep the meat in the fridge for 3 days, then cook it (in a bad mood) and…

Then complain we have indigestion because of x, y or z.

So, now I give food the love and attention it deserves.

I give it love, send it love, make it into love.

I cook foods the least possible so it keeps whatever little integrity is left in it, so when it lands into my stomach it doesn’t sit too heavy.

It’s got to be said that nowadays I do my very best to ensure my fruit, vegetables and meats come from the best possible sources for my own peace of mind and ensure that they are in alignment with my values.


My questions to you are:

Are you eating yourself back to life?

Are you eating to just get by or to really nourish your body?

Are you eating the right foods to ensure your body functions properly?

Are you cooking and eating when you are under stress?

Are you giving your foods TLC?

Think about it, be honest and reflect on it.

Eating well isn’t expensive, it is an investment.

Till next time.

With all my love.

From my heart to yours,



PS, pictures my me 🙂

3 thoughts on “Eating Yourself Back To Life

  1. I definitely need to think more about what I eat! Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you The Swedish Kiwi xox


    2. I am glad you enjoyed it Vincentcarlos. Reading rocks! 😊


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