The Art Of Influencing Others!

The Art Of Influencing Others!

Win-Win For Everyone

Today I went into a shop and noticed that the staff were unhappy, their energy levels were down and there was an “odd” atmosphere which felt heavy and not very pleasant.

Due to my awareness and sensory acuity (ability to notice things BTW), I realised that there was something going on.

At that moment I had two options.

  1. Do nothing, or
  2. Do something.

Guess which one I opted for?

Number 2, obviously.

You might be wondering what did I do?

To be honest, all I did was to use my energy, i.e., positive and hopeful energy to bring the staff out of the abyss they seemed to be at.

In coaching and NLP we call this pacing and leading, and in Energy work we call this bubble work.

So, basically all I did was to use my physiology and language to bring those staff from their reality to my reality, from a negative point of view to a positive one.

Let me be more specific here, if someone keeps complaining about the cold weather or the rain what I tend to do is a reframe (change the meaning of what is being said), to something like this:

Oh, I know it is cold out there and generally it means that spring is getting closer. And, if it is raining I solve it this way; I totally get what you are saying, though now that it is raining we don’t have to worry about watering the plants who keep us alive.

Also, it is key to keep a strong and congruent physiology which says that you know and you are certain of what you are saying.

The longer we do this, the more are able to positively influence people we meet and deal with in a regular basis.

Pacing and leading, or influencing people, if you may, is not hard nor difficult, all that must be done is something we do regularly which is to help other improve their current situation.


I hope this has shown a way to help you bring someone to a more positive frame of mind next you come across someone who might need you to get them out of a “dumpster”.

Till next time.

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With all my love.

From my heart to yours,



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