Free Writing

Free Writing

Connecting With The Superconscious Mind

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Whenever I look for inspiration I close my eyes and ask the “Superconscious Mind”, “Energy Mind” (I will cover this at a later blog post), “Source Energy”, “God Consciousness” or whatever term you feel comfortable using, to guide me and bring forth something that I can use for inspiration or of benefit to all of us, for the highest good of humanity.

This process is so unique and special as you allow yourself to be out of your head and let the wisdom from “ether” to come through and put in writing what you are being given by this “consciousness”. This is called “free writing”.

So, the following text will purely be from free writing, I hope you can notice the difference.

“In order to be, you first must exist, this existence doesn’t come from being alive, it comes from the desire to be part of something much greater than you, so great that you cannot even begin to contemplate it.

Just imagine what good you can do if only you let go of your fears and limitations, how you could inspire those around you and help the world to improve and evolve.

Sacrifice isn’t required, what is required from you is a genuine desire to want to help the world become a better place.

When your actions are geared towards making this world a better place, you win, your neighbour wins, the beasts win, so everyone wins.

This practice requires you to not question what must be done, for it will be revealed when the time is right, an open mind is key, an open heart is important too.

Treating your brothers and sisters the way they would like to be treated (do not confuse it with the way you think they’d like to be treated), love them and respect them and show them that you really care, that you are there for them.

Be the example of love and altruism, be the change, be the evidence that an open heart will lead to many opportunities and that these opportunities will lead to even more opportunities and that in the end, once you have followed and listened to all the signs your reward will be whatever you put your mind to.

Kindness, honesty and love are but the same, different words that resonate with different people, for you cannot love if you aren’t honest, you cannot be honest if you aren’t kind, do you see how they are the same?

You just choose these words to suit your moods.

In the end what matters is that you do the best you can and in your abilities to help this world become the world WE know this world can be.”

Writing the above words felt like a trance, almost as if someone was dictating for me to write it down and wanting to share something that had to be said, tell a story that wants to be told.

I do not question it, I just let it be.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s free writing blog post.

As always like, comment and share.

With all my love.

From my heart to yours,



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