How sharp are your tools?

How sharp are your tools?

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Recently I was cooking (which I love BTW), and I was using a knife that wasn’t performing that well, I looked at the task at hand, yet I continued using my not so sharp knife, my frustration grew and I could see that the vegetables I was dicing were not how I wanted them to be.

I felt stopping what I was doing (badly BTW) was too much of a “hassle” and that it would slow me down.

After minutes of battling in my head (and with myself), should I? should I not? Should I? Should I not?

I decided to “get over” myself and I took my knife sharpener and sharpened the life out of my knife.

Within seconds my results surpassed what I have been struggling with for minutes (which seemed like hours!), and then I had this thought:

How sharp are my tools?

How sharp are my mind tools?

Am I using all the resources available to me to their fullest?

Am I working on improving my existing skills or gaining new ones to get me to my goals?

Recently, I was listening to a workshop from the incredible Jim Rohn (while I was doing my ironing!), and he said: what/who do I have to become in order to achieve my goals?

This is what I heard:

How much do I need to sharpen my tools to get the job done?

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How much time do I need to spend sharpening/oiling/fixing my tools to get the job done?

I realised that it was the same thing, just different words.

How can we sharpen our mental skills you might be asking? Learning new skills, improving existing ones, strengthening weaknesses, etc.

Here are some questions for you: Are you working towards a goal? Are you struggling to achieve what you want? Are you sharpening your tools?

Are you working harder on yourself than you do to achieve the results you are after?

Think about it and answer with honesty.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post about sharpening your tools, your mind tools, as ever please like, comment and share with others.

Till next time.

With all my love.

From my heart to yours,



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