How long have we got left?

How long have we got left?


Answering this question would be like trying to answer: how long is a piece of string!

However, the reason I have entitled today’s blog so is because today as I was driving down from Nottingham (England), after having spent some time with a dear friend, I saw two pretty bad accidents.

I was relieved for multiple reasons, 1) not having to commute long distances (I daily commute the long distance of a minute), 2) that I was going the opposite direction and, 3) that I was not involved in any of those accidents.

My love and prayers went to those involved, quite frankly I didn’t know the severity of either accident on the M40, A34 or M4.

As I was patiently waiting for the cars to move a bit (from 0 mph), I asked myself the following question:

How long have we got left?

How long have I got left?

I’ve no doubt whatsoever that those people left their homes earlier today thinking today was just going to be another day; they probably even left their homes saying to themselves: another day, another dollar.

They didn’t know that today was going to be a significant day in their lives, perhaps their last (I hope not), though, did they say I love you to their loved ones? Did they have all their affairs in order? Did they forgive? Did they ask for forgiveness? Did they write their will? Did they achieve their goals and fulfilled all their dreams? Did they leave a legacy to be remembered by?

Having asked those questions pretty much out loud as I was watching the cars, police and ambulance services, I felt gratitude for the reasons above mentioned and also because each day, it doesn’t matter how small I take a step closer to my goals and dreams and to leave a legacy.

I felt privileged to have taken the less travelled road so I can enjoy the life the 95% of the world population dream of, fantasise about and yet they do nothing about.

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I knew in my heart that the long hours dedicated to my growth, career and chosen “new life” were worth it because it doesn’t matter what may happen today or tomorrow I have lived a life I am very proud of, I have forgiven and I have been forgiven, I have told the love of my life I love him because there isn’t anything stopping me from doing so first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

I wished upon the midday hour that many people sought the help they deep down know they need to get from A to B and make their dreams come true; I prayed many more people took the less travelled road, so they become visionaries and inspire others to do so too.

We all need help, some people are just more open to it than others, I am glad I took the help when I was enabled to realise I needed it to get out of the “rat race” and live a life of options and opportunities.

Although, I know various families had a phone call giving them the bad news today, I was glad and relieved that it wasn’t me or someone I knew and also that it wouldn’t have mattered if it was my last day today for everyone around me would have known I lived my life to its fullest.

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you doing that little bit that will get you closer to your goals?

Have you forgiven and asked for forgiveness and shown love to those around you?

It is not too late to start and work towards your ideals.

Remember, you don’t know how long you’ve got left.

If you need some help with coaching and figuring out what it is you want, give me a shout and take my 30-minutes free consultation.

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I hope you have enjoyed.

As always like, comment and share, you never know who may need this information.

With all my love and gratitude.

From my heart to yours,



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