Success And Instant Gratification

Over the years, from both my coaching practice and observations I have learned that some people tend to confuse success with “luck”.

Let me expand on this, because of today’s society’s instant gratification there is a small (or big) segment of the population who thinks that success happens overnight.

It could not be further from the reality; in fact, “real” success takes years, if not decades to happen.

I wonder if this has got to do with the “celebrity” culture we have nowadays, even then, we don’t know what they do when they are not on the public’s eye.

Last year while driving down to Eastbourne I was listening to one of these “celebrities” being interviewed on the radio and I felt pleased and proud of her when she said she gets up really early (4 am) in the morning and goes to bed really late at night.

These are the things we don’t see these celebrities doing, we tend to assume their lifestyle is pretty glamorous and very little work is done.


These “celebrities” or some of them are very savvy business people and they seize an opportunity when they see it, sometimes there is a price to be paid, other times they achieve real and total freedom because they had a dream and went for it.

Bottom line is even these “celebrities” and public figures have to work, plan and keep at it to keep that success at their fingertips.

Rome was not built in one day, we don’t know how long it took to be built, it just took a while; equally success doesn’t happen overnight, we keep at it and never give up.

Those who are on top of their game seek professional help and have a coach making them accountable for  each and every goal they set out to accomplish.

Are you ready to achieve your success and make your dreams come true?

Is now your time?

Don’t know what to do?

Why not take my 30-minute free consultation to help you figure out a plan to get you to your success.

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With all my love.

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