Developing The Resilience Of A Gerbil

Developing The Resilience Of A Gerbil


God has a very funny sense of humour, for years I said I would never have children or anything to do with them (unless they were family or friends children, of course!), then I meet the love of my life…

Almost seven years and strong into our relationship and we for the last almost four years we have parented a total amount of twelve pets (of which 9 are still with us), you are reading correctly, we have got 9 beautiful animals (god knows they are more demanding than children!), we have 3 cats, 2 Bengal girls and 1 Maine Coone boy, 2 Dwarf hamsters (they are absolutely adorable) and 4 Gerbils.

For today’s blog post I will be referring to the 4 Gerbils, their names are (and please do not laugh!), Latte, Cappuccino, Americano and Mocha. Parents shouldn’t have favourites but my heart belongs to Mocha, he has the biggest heart any little animal could possess, he stands in his cage and when he sees me, he greats me and does anything he can so his papa picks him up, so he can give his love to him, when I look into his eyes, I can feel his love and gratitude, it moves my heart every time!

I entitled today’s blog post “Developing The Resilience Of A Gerbil” because they are such self-motivated, self-started animals, they have a goal in their little gerbils mind and that is to gnaw the living light of their cages.

From very early (it must be in their DNA, I swear!), they do two things which are gnaw away at their cages and burrow looking for a way out or chasing a dream.

My partner and I (when we aren’t chasing our dreams), stand in front of their cages, watching them, their tenacity and non-stop commitment to get to the end of the non-existent tunnel, to gnaw through a cage that they will never get out of.

Though, they don’t know they will never get out, they will not know that they will die before they can make their way out; however, that does not stop them, there isn’t anyone telling them that it is impossible, they just keep at it, hoping, believing one day they will make it out.

They are true dreamers and believers, dream chasers and nothing nor no one will come between them and their task at hand, between them and their dreams.

I will share what Latte (white Gerbil) and Americano (Ashen Gerbil) do, these two ingenious little rodents have such vision, they know their gnawing and scratching positions, they do not get in each other’s ways and more often than not, you will see them religiously at the same time scratch, scratch, gnaw, gnaw, oblivious to the world around them, they have a plan, they have a mission and they keep at it.

These little animals (which in my esteem are much bigger and intelligent than what we give them credit for!), they have such believe that they will SUCCEED no matter what; and at the same time they are so respectful of each other’s dreams, they don’t mock one another nor do they stand in front of the other trying to steal their dream, on the contrary they support and respect what the other is going for.

In my eyes Gerbils are successful because they know if they keep at it, no matter how long for, they will succeed, they will get to the “Gerbil Promised Land” and they will enjoy the life that the other “caged” animals only dream of. – The ones that never took any actions.

Do you see a similarity here, those who succeed and the ones who don’t?

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog post.

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With all my love.

From my heart to yours,



PS, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano and Mocha send their regards (little paw prints for all of you!).

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