Mentally Rehearsing Your Success

Mentally Rehearsing Your Success


When “The Secret” came out back in the early 00’s, talking about the Law of Attraction and seeing what you wanted in your head, I found it too “airy fairy”, even as a Spiritual person.

I felt there was “something missing” to help me understand it better and to be able to use it more; that was the scientist in me looking for the evidence that it worked and how it worked.

It wasn’t until I trained in the various modalities I have, that I was able to understand how mentally rehearsing (or visualising) what you want really works; it was a lot simpler that I thought it would be.

For this, it is important to share that the brain doesn’t differentiate what is real and what isn’t; with this in mind, in very simple terms the brain/mind uses the same amount of energy (or neurological pathways) to determine what is real or what isn’t.

Let me explain this in more detail. The brain sees reality and “fiction” as the same, whether something is real or not, it doesn’t matter, to our brain it is.

This helps understand why, when we “create stories” in our head, we totally buy into them and find it difficult to let go, because in our heads these things are true, no matter what other people tell us.

The same applies to visualising, in fact, visualising is even better for us because it encourages the subconscious mind to work towards these goals. The bigger and more ambitious the project, the more excited our subconscious mind become and it helps us figure out a plan, how to make it happen.

How do you mentally rehearse your success?

It is very simple to do this, all you do is close your eyes (you can do it with your eyes open too!), and play in your head you achieving your goal, seeing everything that is happening around you, hearing all the sounds around you, feeling all the emotions involved in that moment, temperature, etc., smelling the surroundings, tasting the foods in that picture, listening to what you are saying to yourself.

Where you are in this vision, ask yourself what did I do to get here? How long did it take me? Who helped me achieve this?

Do this twice, 3 times per day and notice what changes, write down any ideas or insights from these visualisations.


Does it work?

Hell yeah! It totally works, if you get to work yourself.

This was the other piece of information “missing” in The Secret, they forget to mention you have to get off your butt and do some work to make your dreams come true.

It just doesn’t magically come to you by visualising it, you must take action too.

I have experienced the benefits of both visualising and doing the work, it just pays off; when you do it once, you know how to do it twice, and 3 times and so on.

What this does for your self-worth is beyond words, you win from every angle.

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