Friday Blues

In despite of having had a great and productive day, a part of me was feeling lazy and quite frankly I even felt like not blogging today.

Nothing new or out of the ordinary happened to make me to feel this way, on the contrary, I had a lovely lunch date with my partner (who went out of his way to see me – keeping the magic in our relationship alive), at this establishment we met a lovely cashier (whom spoke Spanish), we started talking and discovered we had so much in common.

She is from Colombia, I am from Panama; I handed her my  business card saying I’d love to stay in touch and then she says OMG I am doing my NLP Master Practitioner at the moment, so we found out we had something else in common.

We were given free coffees  (I was a cheap date today LOL), for which we were very thankful and said she didn’t have to.

When I came back home I just felt like doing nothing, I sat in my bedroom thinking: it is Friday and I don’t have to do this.

This being writing my blog, and some paper work; so, as I heard this voice in my head I looked towards my bedroom door where I have some laminated pieces of paper with quotes and some texts I have enjoyed reading in the past.

One of them always stands out: “He Who Dares, Wins”, so reading these words every time I feel “not in the mood”, they pick me and encourage me to what I didn’t want to.


So, in the end I decided to share with you what was going through my mind earlier today and what I did to overcome it.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s read.

With all my love.

From my heart to yours,


Ps, these are some of the notes I look at on my bedroom door.


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