Walking like a cat, with purpose!

It never seizes to amaze me how surprised and “shocked” some people seem when they see one of my bengal cats.

I am the proud owner of two beautiful bengal cats (both female), one brown rossette and one snow bengal (white with some brownish spots).


It is the brown rossette one that most people seem almost scared when they see her because of her appearance, leopard like! Absolutely stunning she is.

Today, I was watching her and her overall demeanour; how she walks with pride and confidence, she owns her every step and acts as if she were the Queen of the world.

I could write for hours about her intelligence and curiosity, about her communication skills and kind nature, but I won’t bore you with too many details  (maybe another time).

So, while watching her I had the following thought: are we walking with purpose?

Are we choosing our moves with care so they show our intentions?

Are we walking with confidence?

Are we walking like a professional? Like a successful person would?

The phrase:

Fake it till you make it comes to mind.

In NLP we talk about the “acting as if” frame, what this means is that in order to see ourselves as (for example) a successful business person, we must start to act as a successful business person would, think like them, speak like them.

By doing this we step into that frame of mind until we become that  what we would like to be and become.

I will leave you with a question: are you doing what you are doing with purpose?

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