What lies behind the mask…

Today I spent some time on Blab (more than I should have TBH), and it was a great experience sitting at someone’s discussion and hearing from total “strangers” about their life experiences and “struggles”.

So, I learned that it doesn’t matter how well and “put together” you seem to the “outside” world, most people  (if not all) have their own inner “battle” going on, they wear a mask for the world to see and keep their true selves to themselves.

I, for instance, can say that my life is far from perfect but each day I do my very best to do the best within my abilities or, as some people like to say, I fail forward.

At the same time, something I took from this 3-hours long Blab is that there are people willing to hear you and help you within reason.

Though, sometimes our pride gets the best or worst of us and prevents us from opening up and getting the “help” we need.

I know what I am saying because I have been there, my macho ego gets in the way and I don’t ask for help till the last second when it is almost too late.

With this is mind I do what works for me (not that I would recommend it), you might never ask for help, which is ok too; it is your choice.

Another thing I learned today is the importance of leaving people better than we found them, we just don’t know what is happening in their lives, and we could be that spark of hope they need at that given moment.

It doesn’t matter how “rubbish” things are in my life, I do everything I can to ensure people leave me feeling better than before they came to me.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s read.

Till next time,


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