Who defines your worth?

It isn’t uncommon for any of us to spend some time in front of the TV watching some reality show or a competition of some kind.

Regardless of the subject, it always comes to the same, a group of people telling someone how many points they are worth and being compared to other contestants.

We also see this at school, where students are categorised as either excellent, poor or average student.

In fact; one of my favourite lines at school is: “you have a lot of potential, but you suck”. Ok, maybe not along these lines but pretty close.

With this in mind I wonder, how much different things would be if we focused on empowering and enhancing people’s talents without comparing them to someone else? Or giving them points of some sort?

Although, I know the intention behind these TV shows and teachers isn’t ill-formed (I hope); on the contrary it could be coming from a place of love to help others.

Though, can the same message be delivered in a way that no one feels less than somebody else or can learn from it, rather than feeling shame, embarrassment or being left traumatised?

The answer is yes.

This can be done and achieved by simply changing the way in which we deliver the news, the feedback.

Rather than using harsh or negative feedback, the same can be accomplished by doing it in a positive and empowering manner.

Why could this do for us?

In my opinion by being more positive and empowering to people  (especially children), we can help develop more confident and capable people, lessening their disempowering and limiting beliefs about their capabilities, themselves and the world.

Bottom line is we are the ones who define our worth; though, past events and memories can affect us in countless ways, whereby we start to question our worth, and continue to do for many years, until we decide to do something about it.

Till next time,


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