NEVER Surrender, NEVER Give Up

NEVER Surrender, NEVER Give Up


Today has been all about my partner and I, nothing beats the feeling of spending time with your beloved, your better half, etc

We drove for hours and even stopped at Lymington in the New Forest, as my beloved partner wanted an iced lolly, LOL!

The day was perfect in so many ways, perfect day and perfect company.

Upon returning home, we agreed we’d do our “own stuff”, i.e. emails, calls, etc.

Though, I wanted more time with my partner; so, I lured him and encouraged him to watch a film with me, cuddling up on the sofa.

The film we chose to watch was Suffragette, with Meryl Streep, Helena Bonham Carter and Carey Mulligan.

To talk about having a vision, courage, determination and drive to achieve a goal would not do these women any justice, they were true pioneers and visionaries who believed in a better world and boy did they succeed?

This film, which I highly recommend you watch, is a beautiful homage to those women who fought for their rights and being able to vote, like men did.

Pain, suffering, injustice were not uncommon in those days, mothers were being forced out of their homes and out of their children lives because they were seen as crazy, embarrassing and shameful to their families for fighting for a cause that was much bigger than them.

As I have said, I loved every second of the movie and every second spent in my partner’s arms (sorry for being so graphic here, I am a romantic at heart and I love every second we spend together); though, I always find ideas about mindset and success in whatever I do, even in my sleep!

There was one scene in particular I found poignant and the soul of the movie, that was when the character played by Meryl Streep is about to flee and she looks at Maud Watts (played by Carey Mulligan) and looking at her in the eyes she said: never surrender, never give up!

I felt goose bumps and my heart almost skipped a beat. No better words could have been chosen to inspire those women fighting for their right to vote, just like men did.

Hours of planning, working twice as hard (for a fraction of the salary paid to men), mothers, carers, suffering beatings, being jailed and their faith did not quaver, not once did they see quitting as an option.

Then, this thought invaded my head: when did we learn to give up and surrender?

I mean, young children witnessed that historical moment in 1912, women lived through it and past that moment. I know things didn’t improve dramatically, they got better.

Again, something similar happened in Dagenham in the 60’s (another great film, Made in Dagenham), women fighting once more, this time for equal pay.

Yet, more people forgot about these major milestones in our current history. I am sure there are a few women alive, who lived through both movements and both wars!

So, what has happened?

What has caused our society to surrender and give up on their dreams?

Has it something to do with the current “instant gratification” mindset many have? Or, have we got it too “easy” nowadays that dreaming, striving for excellence and reaching for the stars is not seen as necessary?

I ask you: what do you want from this life? Are you living your purpose?


Have you surrendered and given up?

If you have, well it isn’t too late to gain that confidence back and start working towards your dreams.

Till next time,



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