Are you up for a “Challenge”?

Are you up for a “Challenge”?


If you are reading this blog post it is very likely that you are someone who is focused, determined and you want to get better at what you do.

I may be wrong; it is just a hunch!

So, are you up for a “Challenge”?

If you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, mumpreneur, business person you will understand the importance of visibility on the web nowadays.

Just a having a website does not “cut” it anymore, your tribe/audience, prospective clients want to see you and hear from you on an almost “semi-regular” basis.

We are ALL emotional and social beings and we “need” that interaction.

This being said, blogging is a great way of communicating with that audience, and did you know that most of the world population is “visual” (it is their preferred learning style/system) and have an attention span lower than that of a “goldfish”!

I am going to confess I am one of these people who are visual and whose attention span goes out the window within a couple of seconds. I find reading a “chore” most of the time (which you can probably gather by the length of my posts around 1 A4 page). At the same time, if I hear a video that “grabs” my attention I will watch to the end.

However, I have learned that making our presence more visual and interactive we are more likely to get a better response and connect with our tribe even better.

When we write people hear our voice through their filters and experiences, which means they don’t know us for Adam (we are just this person in their heads), nor can they really see what we are all about.

Though, things are very different when people see and watch us, they get to see the “real” us, they buy into our personality, charisma and “energy”; they get to learn from us, they see what we look like, what we sound like and whether we are authentic.

In my personal experience I have received better feedback and got more success from videoing, or vlogging as they like to call it nowadays.

Why is this?

The best answer I can give you is that when I vlog, I am myself, and people resonate with that; I am far from all “polished-up” or perfect, I am just natural and relatable when I speak. I am “normal” in a nutshell.

People like that, people see that we are just like them and they get to like us, know us and trust us, which makes offering our products and services much easier because they “feel” they “know” us already.

So, here is the challenge.

I have started a 45-days vlogging challenge on a Facebook group – – anyone is welcome to join this group, whether you are in business or not, whether you are an experienced vlogger or not, whether it is in English or not, it does not matter… and it is FREE!

Why 45 days?

I decided on 45 days because if we did 7 days, 10 days, 21 days or even 30 days, many of us do our very best to see it through and then we stop and we go back to what we used to, nothing!

Once I read in a book, The Miracle Morning, that days 1-10 are unbearable, days 11-20 are uncomfortable and days 21-30 are unstoppable. Though, if after 30 days you stop, it is very likely that you might not continue with that “habit” you have worked for for a whole month.

It is said that a “habit” takes anything from 21 days to 49 days (or even more), this is not taking into account any limiting beliefs or decisions, fears, traumas or lack of action.

Are you committed to your business, product, service or you just want to get more comfortable vlogging regularly?

Join the group now, it has the main purpose to create a community of support and encouragement and we get to learn from each other. It is a no-brainer.

Why am I doing this?

That is a good question! Kidding…

I am doing it because as a Coach I understand the importance of being made accountable for our actions, having support and creating new and empowering habits.

I am FAR from “perfect”, I do need a good kick in the butt (too) pretty often and creating this vlog to “get over myself” and sharing my message, brand, products and services with as many people as I can, is just what I need, and maybe what you need too!

So, what do you say?

I look forwards to accepting you in the group and watching your videos.

Till next time,



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