Meeting a “stranger”

Recently I attended a CPD event to hear people in my industry and how they have evolved.

It was a great experience being in the audience and learning from people I already knew and people I hadn’t met before.

They day was packed with so much learning and at the same time we had a good laugh, presenters making fun of themselves and interacting with old friends, which is always good.

There was a lady whose presentation blew everyone away, she had such energy, enthusiasm and passion.

She was teaching something I wasn’t very familiar with, which I found fascinating. One of the things I liked the most about her was her drive and vision, as well as her humility.

At the beginning of her talk she asked everyone for feedback, which I found inspiring, what better way to grow and learn than hearing from you audience.

I am a bit of a “revel”, so rather than writing it down as she requested, I decided to give her the feedback face to face…

At first I just wanted to give her the feedback and leave, I had no other plans.

The universe had other plans for us, we started talking as if we’d known each other for ever!

We were the last ones to leave the room, just before I left to catch my train she had to go to the ladies, I offered to look after her belongings , and upon her arrival she said: do you want to go for a pint?

What can I say? Those words were music to my ears.

We decided to go for a meal and something to drink too.

The moment we arrived to the restaurant we started to talk about everything in general.

Then the conversation became much more personal, about challenges and failures and relationships.

I felt totally honoured to have spoken to his beautiful person for many reasons, I felt trusted, I felt I was able to help someone.

I learned many valuable things from this “random” meet.

1. It doesn’t matter how “successful” we think people are, they will always have something that troubles them.

2. It is ok to open.

3. A beer and a meal can lead to many incredible conversations.

4. The best gift we can give any one is to be there for them and listen to them.

5. It is true that a “stranger” is a friend we don’t know just yet.

I also shared intimate things with this person to reassure her that it is ok to feel like that and to be honest it felt great to be able to have an open conversation without worrying about a thing.

Are you giving those “strangers” you meet daily a chance to listen to you or for you to listen to them?

If not, give it a go you might find a BFF.

Till next time,


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