Are You Living In A Vicious Circle?

Are You Living In A Vicious Circle?


Have you ever wondered if you live in a vicious circle?

Do you keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again?

Do you keep asking yourself the question, will I ever learn?

Do you feel trapped in a hamster wheel?

If you answer yes to any of the last 3 question it is very likely you are living your life in a vicious circle.

What is a vicious circle?

A vicious circle (and please notice this is my take on it), is a never ending behaviour or lifestyle that quite frankly gets us nowhere.

To simplify this concept imagine you want to make £1M and you go to brainstorm and come up with money making ideas.

You come up with amazing ideas and you start to execute them and the moment you come across the first obstacle you quit.

Though, the idea of you wanting to make £1M is still there, so you go and come up with some more ideas, and the same happens for a second time and a third and a forth and so on and so forth.

That is the easiest way I can find to explain what a vicious circle is.

Or, as Einstein once said: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

Can I come out of a vicious circle?

Absolutely yes, you can.

It only takes commitment and work, and not just any work but personal work and tons of integrity.

What is integrity?

Integrity in the most simplistic definition is doing what you said you were going to do, keeping to your word and seeing things through to the very end.

Examples of vicious circles?

Yo-yo dieting, in and out of diets, waiting for the newest and most cutting edge die to come and hope for the best.

Career changing, going from job to job or career to career, hoping that you will land in the ideal career or job at some point.

Serial dating, going from relationship to relationship in the hope to find Mr or Mrs Right, without giving any of the relationships a real chance.

Can you think of what your vicious circle is?

How can I put an end to a vicious circle?

Putting an end to a vicious circle is easier than it seems, you have to understand that a vicious circle when something happen (normally in the first 6-10 years of our lives), we create a story around this event and we will go on to reinforce this story by constantly looking for the evidence to prove it right.

For example, if you scratch your dad’s car and you create the story that you are a bad boy or girl, from that moment on you will look for the evidence to confirm you are a bad boy or girl; creating conflict, getting into trouble, bad grades, etc., etc.

So, what needs to happen is for you to understand what happened (the event/memory that originated the whole vicious circle), figure out what story you told yourself and collapse it, get rid of it.

Finally, you will have to “put your money where your mouth is” by keeping to your word, i.e. be integral about what you do and do what you say you are going to do.

Once you overcome this vicious circle you empower yourself to create new possibilities, new options and ways of being.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and feel free to share what your vicious circle is.

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