The “C” Word

I bet you are wondering what I mean by the “C” word? 

I am not referring to its naughty use nor am I referring to cancer but the other “C”…. “commitment”!

Before I tell you a bit about committment I would like to give you my definition of commitment: 

To get things done in despite of your doubts, or yourself. 

A few questions for you to reflect on:

How committed are you in to YOUR life?


Are you the in and out kind of person?

Are you committed or not? 

Are you afraid of the “C” word? 

Are you the non-committal type of person? 

What is it about the “C” word that scares you the most or is it your own fears? 

The truth is like anything in life in order to understand how the “C” word can work for you and what it can do for you, you have got to embrace it, accept it, and channel it. 

Jim Rohn once said that in order to be good at something you must study it first. 

Are you a student of commitment?  

Are you studying it? 

Do you know that commitment comes through practice? From one act of commitment to the next and the next and the next … and so on!

Depending on what you want to achieve in life your level of commitment will vary.

Your commitment to find a new job won’t be as great as the commitment of starting your own business. 

Equally, your level of commitment will determine your level of success… period!

Are you still aftaid of the “C” word? 

Are you ready to embrace it and take control of your life? 

In the end, as always, the choice is yours. 

Thank you for reading and till next time. 


PS A huge thank you to my partner Martin for typing this down, as I was driving us to a wedding in Gloucestershire.

10 thoughts on “The “C” Word

  1. Committed to your life. Interesting. Thank you

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  2. travelwithmrst July 2, 2016 — 23:15

    I’m committed! Hope you had a fun time at the wedding!

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  3. Your level of commitment will determine your level of success, so true

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  4. You’re spot on about commitment. Among a run-down of goals to achieve and tasks to do, which ones are you committed to. The absence of commitment means inaction.

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  5. I commit to very few things – and when I do, it’s a total, laser-focused obsession. Fun!

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