Forgiveness – The Missing Link In Success?

Forgiveness – The Missing Link In Success?

Forgiveness – The Missing Link In Success-

You might be wondering what has forgiveness got to do with Success?

I used to ask myself the same question a few years back, to then realise that success was just our emotions properly and powerfully focused and channelled.

What happens when we hold a grudge?

To answer this question, I would like you to imagine a car’s windscreen and rear-view mirror, covered by a thick layer of dust, grime and rust.

As the driver you want to go from A (where you are) to B (where you want to be), do you think that you will be able to move rapidly and at a speed that will get you to where you want to be on time?

The answer is pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Of course not, you will have to wash the car, you will have to remove the thick layer of dust, grime and rust, so your vision isn’t clouded or distorted.

Holding a grudge against someone is exactly the same thing, the “negative” emotions you hold towards someone or something mightn’t let you go at the speed or velocity you want to in order to achieve your goal.

Please note how I haven’t mentioned the engine, which in our case is our mind, we have the intention to accomplish something, though the dust and grime (our emotions) tend to get in the way and sometimes even hold us back.

How can we release these negative emotions and move forward?

In my experience and that of clients too, when we forgive someone these “negative” emotions are released and we are capable of moving forward, there isn’t anything weighing us down and we don’t feel guilty for working towards our goals, or we don’t let our ill-emotions drag us down.

Our actions and thinking comes from a place of love and hope and we attract positive outcomes and people our way.

Three ways to release our negative emotions and achieve our goals:

These three methods I am going to describe next, I would like you to imagine as metaphoric carwashes, whereby we remove the thick layer of dust, grime and rust that is preventing our “car” moving in the right direction.

  1. Speak to the person or people you hold a grudge against: being “vulnerable” and honest isn’t a bad thing, it takes courage and bravery, and when you say to someone: we had our differences in the past and so far I don’t think we have “completed” this situation, please forgive me or let me explain why I did what I did.

By doing this you are taking a huge weight off your shoulders and any “negative”                   emotion will disappear over time, enabling you to move on.

  1. Write a letter to someone, whether alive or not: often speaking to someone from our past can be challenging, so writing a letter can be the best way to go about it.

If the person isn’t with us any longer, you can burn and close that chapter of your                   life.

However, if the person is still alive, sending the letter would be the best way to go                   about it; if you feel you can’t you can burn it too or keep it till you feel ready to send               it; though, the important thing here is to “rid of” any ill-emotion.

  1. Seek professional help: often when we work on ourselves by ourselves we ignore out “blindspots”, so, having a professional work with us and shine the light in areas where we didn’t know we needed “help” is the difference that makes the difference.

It isn’t uncommon for us to be “delusional” about the way we feel and our actions,                what a professional does is tell us the things we normally don’t like to hear, so we                  have a real breakthrough and achieve our goals.

When we finally let go of old “grudges” and negativity, then we can start to work on a clean canvass and start to create new possibilities for ourselves.

If we don’t, then it doesn’t matter what we do or how much we achieve, we will always feel the same way, and nothing will change that, until we do something about it.

If you’d like to find out what some of your “blindposts” are, why not take my 30-mins FREE consultation.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.

Till next time, with lots of love,



7 thoughts on “Forgiveness – The Missing Link In Success?

  1. Like the car analogy. Forgiveness can be a powerful tool, or at least if you’re not prepared to forgive, accept it and move on

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  2. In my experience when you hold a grudge it usually is affecting you negatively even more than it is affecting the other person. I do agree that it holds you back emotionally.

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  3. I like this. Thank you. I think forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools we have in life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you liked it Kate. Forgiveness is healing in every area of one’s life.


  4. Great exposition on forgiveness, Jorge. I have written so many letters of forgiveness, both to forgive the other person and myself for events / situations. Self-forgiveness is equally important to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment Bibi. I realised I forgot to mention self-forgiveness, I will add it on a future blog post. Jorge


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