How To Become A People Magnet 

Who wouldn’t want to be or become a people magnet?

Everyone! At least at I think so  (if people say now they are probably kidding themselves!).

When I wrote Growing Confident, 10 Simple Steps To A More Confident You, I genuinely thought that I had put down on paper ALL I knew and experienced about confidence.

I am not going to deny the fact that I wake up late at night saying to myself: oh  rubbish, I should have included this or that in the book.

One of these things I wake up wishing I had written was irresistibility and being a people magnet.

What is a people magnet?

I suppose we all have a “preconceived” idea of what a people magnet is or isn’t.

I want to give you my bias, my opinion about being a people magnet.

A people magnet is

A person who walks into a room and light it up, bringing the room and it’s people together to an exquisite climax of fun, laughter and happiness, where everyone will leave feeling better because they were in the same room as that person, and a happy memory has been formed.

People will remember him/her for months, if not years to come because he had that “je ne sais quoi”, that “va va boom” leaving everyone in utter awe.

A people magnet isn’t

A way to manipulate or control others. 

A people magnet isn’t about getting or taking things from people.

It isn’t about personal gain.

On the contrary, it is about giving and sharing, things and themselves.

A people magnet is someone who empowers others and loves them for who they are.

How can I become a people magnet?

Being a people magnet is much easier than what we think.

A people magnet is someone authentic, genuine, honest, caring, giving, non-judgemental, respectful, tactful, polite, interested, a good listener and patience.

These are some of the qualities I use to describe a people magnet.

Here is one other thing I have “rediscovered” about people magnets, after reading Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly, is that people magnets are not afraid of embracing their vulnerability.

In order to be a better person and become a people magnet you have to be 100% vulnerable and open.

When you are vulnerable and open (without being naive), people see your authenticity and your rawness, which is a magical quality that cannot be faked or mimicked, it comes from a place of total acknowledgement and respect for who you are.

People magnet – My example

I didn’t know or ever realised that I was a people magnet till I immersed myself in personal development.

In one occasion I was welcoming the New Year in Aberdeenshire, my partner and I had been visiting a friend and we were his guests to a house party.

My partner and I didn’t know anyone, there were a few dozens of “strangers” there; though, I didn’t let this stop me or scare I smiled to everyone and introduced myself to many people as I could.

I made eye contact, smiled and showed a real interest in the people I was meeting.

Needless to say that by the end of the night I had spoken to everyone and people had acknowledged how comfortable they felt with me and they also felt they had known me forever.

What did I do?

I was open and vulnerable, I wasn’t afraid of showing I was interested in getting to know them and learning from them.

Other tips to be a people magnet

Be humble, not a “show-off”.

Be confident, not arrogant.

Be you, not someone else.

Being a people magnet and our energy

It all comes down to energies, frequencies and vibrations.

In order to be a people magnet we have to be aware of the enegies/vibrations we put out.

When we radiate love and care, we attract that back to ourselves.

When we give out hope, respect and trust, we get that back too.

Being a people magnet isn’t difficult at all, it simply takes bringing most of our fears and barriers down and showing our real selves.

Being present and genuine are key to become a people magnet too.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.

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3 thoughts on “How To Become A People Magnet 

  1. i’ve always been a people magnet and until you mentioned it in this post, have never thought that there were negative connetations to being one

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  2. I love finding out about people,. I love helping people and I am naturally empathetic to them so I guess I am a people magnet. My aim is to leave a legacy of authenticity, empathy, inspiration and honesty when I leave a room or a situation.

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