A BBQ From Heaven

Is there such a thing as a BBQ from heaven?

Before yesterday I used to think that there were only average and good BBQs, with good food, good company, a bit of booze, a good measure of drama and an accident or two if you were lucky (at least those were my experiences).

However, yesterday I had the privilege to attend a BBQ from Heaven. 

Why or what is a BBQ from Heaven?

What I witnessed yesterday I can consider and classify as a BBQ from Heaven.

It was in a beautifully kept garden, plenty of space and protected by a enormous oak tree. Though, this wasn’t what made it a BBQ from Heaven.

It was the fact that it was pretty much a bunch of people (most of which didn’t know each other) from all over the world, all ethnic backgrounds, different religious beliefs, all ages, different sexual preferences and most importantly very friendly.

A lady from Venezuela, Rei her name is, decided to organise this BBQ and ask all her friends to share and invite their friends too.

I was having a conversation with a friend from Panama, who lives in London. I mentioned I was going to be in London for the day and I’d love to have a coffee with her, to which she replied she was at work and then attending a BBQ. 

Come along she said, here is the Facebook event with the details, she’d love to meet you. 

I thought about it and for a second almost declined, I fancied a Saturday night date with my partner and I felt a bit “uncomfortable” going to someone’s house without even meeting them.

I got over myself and joined the event. Introduced myself to the hostess via a text.

My NLP practice group in London finished around 2pm.

I phoned the hostess asking what they needed there and to say I’d be there soon.


I was welcomed like she’s known me all her life. I was introduced to the ones present at the time. 

We started talking and discovering things about one another, when I realised that at least 50% of the attendees didn’t know anyone there.

It blew my mind. I spoke to sooooooo sooooooo many wonderful people, people I felt comfortable to talk to about anything. 

Everyone and I mean everyone had such a genuine desire to meet new people and have a great time. 

I spoke to people from Canada, Colombia, Poland, Czech Republic, Australia, Venezuela, Cyprus, Malaysia, Italy, Zimbabwe and other cities in the UK. 

I chatted to men and women alike, young and old, black and white, straight and gay; it really felt like paradise.

Babies being held by their mothers, people talking and having a great time.

I for instance didn’t have my mobile on me at all, I didn’t need to disconnect from what I was experiencing, in fact, many others felt the same way.

There was a real connection and bond, that collapsed the idea some people think about world peace not being possible. 

I witness a place where everyone was at ease and in peace with each other. 

I could feel the love…

The hostess welcomed everyone in her home without being concerned about anything being stolen from her.

I made the remark I had forgotten what it was like to have an open door at home, I grew up like that and nowadays all my doors all fully locked at all times.

I remember a saying we have in Spanish: mi casa es tu casa!

My home is your home!

Powerful stuff… and you know what? She meant it, I could see in her eyes the truth of her words…

I got so many invites to people’s events and homes and their lives.

I left feeling enriched and a better person.

I came home with a heart filled of love and joy and hope that it is possible to create a better world.

I came knowing that deep down we all want the same, which is connection and to belong.

I learned that to have a better world we must start in our home and lives first and invite those around us to join in and take it to their lives too.

I learned that a BBQ is more than good food and fun, it is about creating a welcoming space for everyone. 

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post. 

I would love to hear about your BBQ experiences in the comments section.

Till next time. 



The hostess the wonderful Rei has been moved and touched by my blog post and her and others have suggested I added a couple of group pictures we had taken to celebrate being diverse, friendship, life and love.

Added Sunday 10th July 21.22 hrs.

4 thoughts on “A BBQ From Heaven

  1. Great post Jorge! Sounds like you had a fabulous experience 🙂

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  2. What a great idea, I think the world could do with more of this type of thing at present

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