My Top 10 Quotes Of All Times

My Top 10 Quotes Of All Times

My Top 10 Quotes Of All Times (1)

I find sometimes all we need is a tiny reminder, for someone to tell us we are in the right path, for someone to encourage us, for someone to tell us they have gone through what we are going through.

Though, often when we feel “down”, we prefer to stay alone and watch the world go by; it is moments like this when I like to read the following quotes.

These quotes have helped me and lifted my spirits up many times because they represent the experience and life of many men and women who stood before me and fought hard for their dreams, so I too could believe in mine and make them come true.

Let me know which one of these quotes resonates with you the most, or a quote you refer back to when you feel “down”.

Till next time.


PS This beautiful picture was taken by me in the Spring of 2011, I was by a small pond taking pictures of the birds in the water and I saw these two pigeons being amorous with each other.

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5 thoughts on “My Top 10 Quotes Of All Times

  1. Love this! Amazing – I published a quotes blog post today, as well!

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  2. Amazing motivation! It’s so hard to pick just one favorite. As a parenting blogger this quote resonated with me the most – imagination is better than knowledge.

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    1. Indeed Anthea if we can’t see it in our heads we won’t know what tools/knowledge we need in order to make that a reality. Jx


  3. i’m a big fan of quotes, my favourites usually have an inspirational message in them

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