Do we really want world peace?

I am not the kind of person to talk or write about politics, religion or anything controversial.

Today however, I have started to questions many things…

Why is the world focusing on things that are totally pointless, yet neglecting to address the things that ARE important. 

Yesterday in Nice, close to my heart for two reasons:

1. One of the nicest holidays with my partner,

2. My surname originates from a walled village a few kilometres from Nice.

84 people murdered, dragged on the streets under a van like they were nothing. Many injured and millions panicking, not knowing what is next. 

The issues in the US, Brexit in the UK and now this very instant Turkey being taken over by the military, a possible military coup!

With this being said do we really want world peace?

If we really do want a better future for the next generation why are we letting this happen right in front of our noses?

Everyone I hear says how horrendous and disgusting things are in the world at the moment, though, we still continue to go against peace. 

Peace seems to be a thing of the past.

Peace seems to be a thing of Utopia, a dream many dream about, yet very few work towards.

To top it all off, the latest craze, the trendiest thing is Pokemon GO!!!

Are we having a laugh as a race?

Have we lost our marbles?

Encouraging children, teens and adults to embrace a semi – real,  semi – digital life ignoring what is going on around them? (Brains washing? Programming?)

Is chasing a “hologram” more important and exciting than facing to our reality? 

Is “Picka Chu” or whichever way you spell it, more important than our own kind or “real” animals?

Do we really want world peace?


Do we want to hide our head under the sand, instead ?

Do we want to ignore the pink elephant in the room, which is waving it’s hands at us and wrecking the house right in front of us?

Do we really want to leave this world a better place? (!!!)

Are we just talkers and not doers?

I say we,  because at time I fail to raise my voice and do something that can make a difference.

Though, one thing I do is I respect everyone , I am polite and do what I can to empower others.

Yet, at times I fail and I don’t do it  enough.

What are you doing to spread world peace?

Are we going to continue living in fear?

Are we going to let war, violence, useless games and “ignorance” control our lives?

Are we teaching our relatives and children about peace and respect? 

Really, do you want world peace? 

Do we as a collective really want world peace?

I believe it is 100% possible, though, we have got to start right now, today, this very second!

I believe in this lifetime we can see, have and achieve world peace…

I am not Miss Universe, and I am far from the perfect civilian, but I am willing  to encourage humanity to spread peace. 

War and violence aren’t the answer.

Do we really want world peace? REALLY? 

Why not spread peace, love, joy and happiness instead? 

It isn’t difficult…

We can compliment someone instead of telling them to f**k off… we can wish someone a happy day rather than wishing them dead.

Do we really want world peace?

What about kindness,  politeness and respect? 

As I have said I am far from perfect, though, I believe in a better world.

A world where men, women and children of any age, race, gender, belief system, sexual orientation can all enjoy the same quality of life and PEACE! 

Is Pokemon more important than the real world?

Are they scared of facing reality?

Why not design a game or app where world peace is promoted?

Am I being too “gay”, naive or just stupid about this “dream”?

How many more millions must die? How many more homes must be wrecked before we say enough is enough and do something about it?

Or, is world peace impossible?

I don’t think so…

Napoleon Hill once said: whatever the mind can conceive and believe,  the mind can achieve…

Mine says WORLD PEACE. 

It says a world peace WITHOUT war but packed with love, joy and happiness.

I will leave you with this question:


Please share your thoughts and this post for that matter…

We need world peace instead of war and violence.

I understand there is a huge difference between needs and wants… I get that we all NEED peace, though, the reality is we may not all want it…

I would love to hear your comments.

Till next time,


4 thoughts on “Do we really want world peace?

  1. Pokemon are nothing to do with the problem. Having a harmless escape from the world is a good thing, in my opinion. There are real problems. Few have the courage to talk about them:
    1. Terrorists killing innocent people in Europe and America
    2. Corporate control of world governments, making them serve the elite rather than the people
    3. Leaders who invade other countries, topple their governments, and murder people with drones
    4. A media that creates racial tensions, blames centrist conservatives, and in doing so, pushes people into the arms of the true far right

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agree with your points Jim! Pokemon was there to showcase how things are “created” to “divert” people’s attention or just distract them from what is happening out there, what really matters. 😊


  2. Many people say they want peace but only on their terms, world peace means religions/people/cultures all living side by side and respecting each other and unfortunately those days are long gone

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally agree with your comment Mike. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Jorge 😊


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