What does the future look like?

I have mentioned in several ocassions I love Napoleon Hill’s quotes and his book Think and Grow Rich. 

There is a quote I refer to time and time again:

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. 

What does the future look like?

The answer is very simple: if you can see it and believe it in your mind, you can most certainly achieve it in your life.

The mind doesn’t distinguish what is real and what isn’t real, with this being said whatever you imagine your mind can achieve and bring to the physical realm, whether is a successful future or not.

Going back to the question in the title: what does the future look like?

It looks like whatever way you want it to be…

If you imagine huge success, guess what? If you put in enough action and commitment you can make it happen.

On the other hand, if you imagine a dull and unsuccessful future, you will attract that too.

In the end the future you will get is the one you start creating now, right now, today! 

Also, remember the present you are now living, is the future you once chose.

Till next time, 


2 thoughts on “What does the future look like?

  1. unfortunately many people take the title Think and Grow Rich too iterally, they forget about the action and commitment

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  2. I seem to remember feeling some discomfort when I read this book with a sense it suggested everything that happens to you is down to you. It’s time for me to take another look to see if I experience it in the same way this time.


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