33 Lessons I Have Learned So Far

33 Lessons I Have Learned So Far


Today is my birthday and quite frankly I personally see it as just another day…

The reason I say this is because every day is a GOOD day and a good reason to celebrate life, being alive and your own live, this is just my personal philosophy… and TBH I love to be made feel special every day, so why wait 364 days every year!

However, every year I feel humble and happy to remain in this planet, I have seen and known of people die very young, as children, teenagers, adults; some are accidents, some others due to illness and regardless a loss is a loss, especially to those who lose their relatives.

I feel gratitude to have health and life, and love, and family and friends, in fact, I am glad to still be here, alive and be able to tell my story.

Also, every year brings wisdom and new learnings which I always welcome because I believe the day you stop learning and growing that’s it!

So, today I want to share with you the 33 lessons I have learned so far:

  1. Be grateful every day for who you are, what you do and what you have, work for more if you want more, and not compare yourself to others.
  2. Every day is a new start, if you “messed up” yesterday that’s ok, today is a new day, it really is that simple.
  3. Laugh as hard as you can, laughter truly is the best remedy.
  4. Eat well, drink well and sleep well, that’s the answer to many of our “issues”, good health equals good well-being, which triggers good and happy thoughts, which leads to great results, which then leads to a life of fulfilment and ultimately happiness, you learned what matters the most to you.
  5. I learned that loving and accepting oneself is key to heal, to grow and to move on; it may take time and when it happens it frees you and life gets much better then.
  6. I discovered that love is key… and not just any love, but our own, then we are able to welcome any other kind of love into our lives.
  7. Being present is much more than just being in a room with someone, you are present when you give yourself fully to the other person or people.
  8. Life is not easy, life isn’t difficult either, life is a gift that we must ensure we honour and enjoy every second of it.
  9. Time is the same for everyone, we all have the same 24 hours; what matters is how we use them, schedule and manage them to work for us rather than against us.
  10. Dreams can become a reality when you stay true and by the side of the child you once were, it is the spirit of that child that makes our dreams come true, do not silence it, do not hide it; embrace it and honour it.
  11. We are equals, there is no doubt, we are the ones who create barriers, borders and excuses to segregate ourselves from the rest. Just bring those barriers, thoughts and excuses down and open your heart, mind and arms to love ALL of humanity.
  12. We all have beliefs and other peoples’ beliefs we call them their “opinions” and they are entitled to those, let’s let them be and respect their opinions, so then can respect ours too.
  13. Looking at the stars at night in a clear sky is a reminder that our possibilities and options are endless and vast like the universe, so let’s not forget this.
  14. We all deserve someone special in our lives, and that person is there looking for us too! We just need to start looking now.
  15. Respect is earned, 100% agreed; however, it too is shown, demonstrated, given, taught and lived by, so others know we live by our word and we mean it.
  16. Work mustn’t be a chore, once you find your purpose and your raison d’etre, everything falls into place and you will never work a day in your life.
  17. Exercise your mind, like you do your body, the more ideas you read about, the more ideas you will generate and find the solutions to your “problems”.
  18. Practice an act of kindness every day… not just any kindness but to yourself, be kind to yourself every day, so you can then be kind to others and real mean it.
  19. Guilt, shame and embarrassment aren’t real, these are just stories we tell ourselves over and over again, so we don’t achieve our excellence. Track your thoughts and set yourself free.
  20. Freedom isn’t doing what you want, freedom is doing what you said you were going to do, some call it integrity, when you act from a realm of integrity you are whole, therefore free.
  21. There isn’t good or bad people, just people with different views and opinions, that’s all.
  22. Education is the key to allow someone in our lives. You want people to “get” you and “understand” you, let them in and show them who you are… teach them and educate them about you.
  23. Patience isn’t a virtue, patience is being present and is a present we owe ourselves and others.
  24. Animals are much more conscious than what we give them credit for. 16 years ago I felt lonely and unloved and a cat gave me love and company… Are you missing out on company and love by mistreating them or simply by not giving them a chance?
  25. The difference between the past and the future is the now, your past was once your future, your present was once your future; if you want a better “future” start now, make the difference now and start taking action.
  26. Honesty and honest people are a “fruit of our imagination”, we all lie to protect ourselves from the world, if we want others to be honest, we have to start being honest ourselves, if we can’t then let’s be realistic.
  27. World peace is 100% achievable, let’s get rid of our “double standards” and start creating the world we want to see now, in our very own back yard… lets be kind to one another, let’s be helpful with one another, let’s be humane with one another and the rest will fall into place…
  28. People are people, friends are people, family are people, then why should we treat them differently, when in the end they are ALL the same.
  29. Hatred and hate aren’t always directed to others but to ourselves because we can’t stand ourselves, so we treat people the way deep down we know we treat ourselves… Just love and accept yourself and that hatred and hate will vanish…
  30. Plants and trees are the reason we inhabit this planet, lets respect them… We used to laugh at our ancestors because they celebrated the elements and nature, they knew what they were doing and who was the hand feeding them, it isn’t too late to start modelling them and celebrate nature by not killing it.
  31. When we compliment someone, they compliment us back and we all feel good, win-win…
  32. Education isn’t everything, though, it helps a great deal, it leads to knowledge and knowledge truly is king and power.
  33. Life and love aren’t impossible, they are our birthright, we just have to claim them back, work towards it and honour it every step of the way…

These are the 33 lessons I have learned in my first 33 years of life and I look forward to the next 66 if not many more years and I welcome the next lessons.

I would like to hear what lessons you have learned so far in your life, or let me know which one of my lessons resonates the most with you.

Till next time, with lots and lots of love,


PS why not share these lessons with others too.


5 thoughts on “33 Lessons I Have Learned So Far

  1. Wonderful list thank you Jorge. Happy birthday. I would need 45 on my list. Not a problem!

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  2. Great list, Number 26 stands out for me

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  3. Happy Birthday ! wishing you a year ahead filled with all sorts of wonderful. Fantastic lessons. Have shared on Twitter.

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