Painting Your Future

Painting Your Future


Creating one’s future, painting one’s vision are things I am very passionate about.

Why is that?

When I was growing up I had no vision, I thought I was destined to continue the vicious circle my family had been operating from for generations.

At the same time my parents wanted me to do what they wanted, my wishes and desires didn’t seem to matter to them.

I used to think that you had to be of a certain way to be successful, that was what the media was telling me.

Painting Your Future

Today, it is a different story.

Now, I know that the world is our oyster and that we get to decide the life we want, we do this either consciously or unconsciously.

Either way, we are the ones creating that reality.

I know it may sound too easy or too harsh, it is just the reality of it.

We are in charge of our lives, we just don’t know, we get to decide which actions we take or we don’t…

We always choose.

At the age of 16 I thought my life was defined by everyone around me; though, it took some help, some work and most importantly believe in myself, my skills and my future.

Once I understood that my life dramatically changed.

At the age of 16 I wished I wasn’t on this planet, by the end of the year 2000, when I was just over 17 I was ready to die fighting for my life.

I was in love and I believed in my future.

2 years from that at the age of 19 I moved countries and I started a new life…

That was just under 3 years of me wanting to be gone for ever and good.

If my life had ended at the age of 16, I would have missed out on what I wanted to have in my life soooo bad…

I learned the hard way that the lack of believe in myself and my future was what was holding me back…

What did I do?

I started to dream again…

I started to believe in myself…

I started to believe the world was my oyster…

I learned that my life was mine, I was in control…

I learned that anything is possible if I want it bad enough…

I learned to paint my life and my future the way I wanted to be…

I learned to work for and towards my dreams…

I realised that I was the architect, builder and project manager of my life…

I learned to trust and believe in my options and possibilities.

To paint your future all you have to do is to start dreaming again, with all your might and be as creative as you want.

Just, don’t forget the most important piece of the puzzle, ACTION!

Paint your future in your mind, on paper, in a vision board but just not dream about it, act on it.

Till next time,



7 thoughts on “Painting Your Future

  1. I always think its really brave to leave your home country

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    1. It can be a tad challenging Honey; though, it is exciting and fun too… 😎. Jorge


  2. The way you deal with past adversity is inspiring, Jorge.

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  3. Underpinning everything you’ve said above is the decision that everyone who wants to change must make either consciously or unconsciously and that is the decision to break the circle, to make the decision that the future doesn’t have to be the same as the past, funnily enough I made that decision (very consciously) at 16, and have never looked back

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    1. I couldn’t agree more Mike, making that decision to create the future one wants is that defining moment in one’s life.


  4. Very inspirational post Jorge and good luck with your painting!

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