How having a library can help you succeed

How having a library can help you succeed


We have all heard that knowledge is power.

There is some truth behind it; though, it would be more apt to say that applied knowledge is power.

From a very early age I’ve found reading and learning fascinating, learning ideas and concepts that could help us improve our lives; and finding out what others did or didn’t do to help us achieve what we do.

As I have mentioned before I am a huge fan of Jim Rohn’s philosophy and teachings; in one of his many talks he once said that we should be always aiming to be talked and written about, and that there are two types of people, those who are used as good examples to follow and the others, mistakes to avoid.

How can we learn this?

By reading, or other means like audios or videos.

How having a library can help you succeed?

Books hold stories and those stories have been passed to us to help us succeed.

If you are aspiring to become a scientist you will expected to read books on biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, etc.

However, every author has his/her own biases and they will explain a subject through their filters, how they see the world.

One of the many things I learned when I was at high school is that when doing a research or leaning in general it is a good practice to read more than one author in the subject you are interested about.


As I mentioned everyone has their personal view about different topics, at the same time you may agree or not.

By reading various authors you learn to develop your own ideas and approaches to the subject, you learn what works best for you and what doesn’t.

A library of your own allows you to create a wealth of knowledge tailored to your personal preferences and you can read and refer back to them as often as you wish.

Also, when you are committed to your growth as a person or business person the more you learn, the more you are able to contribute to the lives of those around you, you will continue to have current ideas and you will move with the times.

What books should I have in my library?

How long is a piece of string?

Depending on your preferences that’s how your swill look like.

One point I would like to highlight here is that as you change/evolve the books you introduce in your library change too.

I will give you mine as an example, when I was growing up I was fascinated by literature so I collected many books on literature, poetry, grammar, countless dictionaries.

Then, I became a chef, so I collected many books on cooking, especially baking.

After that I went into management so many books about leadership and management followed, plus some of my own written projects too.

At the same I was embracing my spirituality so I added many more books on the subject… I have been collecting minerals for almost two decades, so I educated myself on that and got more books too.

Nowadays, I am in personal development so those are the ones I add to my library these days.

Throughout the years I have enriched my life and library in various areas, and whenever I want to read about something interesting from the past, I know where to find it and enrich my knowledge from it.

Is it expensive to have a library?

Absolutely not, I have spent years building it and growing it.

It takes times. All you need is to buy a book, read and add many more till you build a sizeable library.

How does it help me become successful or succeed?

The more you read, the more ideas you can come up, you will have sources of information available to you whether you have Wi-Fi or 3G, they don’t need batteries or electricity.

When you read you expand your mind, when you expand your mind you expand your possibilities and finally you work towards what you want in your life.

Do you have a library?

I would love to hear what books do you keep in your library?

Till next time,



4 thoughts on “How having a library can help you succeed

  1. Couldn’t agree more about having a library. Virtual ones are good, especially when you travel but so much better to have physical books.They appeal to the senses as well as the mind. The smell the feel of the paper…

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    1. I love the smell of new books Cathy! I agree with you that virtual books and libraries are good but you are absolutely right having a paper or hard cover book is an experience that has no comparison… I write notes in them for myself to find in the future and when I find them I surprise myself and the words on those notes help me to empower myself and want to read the book all over again. Jx


  2. True – applied knowledge is power! In past centuries, sometimes libraries were prized more for their insulating effects than their content. Ironically, this led to the preservation of books which may otherwise have been burnt for fuel!

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    1. Wow, thanks for that info Bibi. Absolutely, knowledge is power!


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