Once Upon A Time…

Once Upon A Time…

Once Upon A Time....jpg

Once upon a time there as child who dreamed of crazy futures and who thought anything was possible…

That child had the rare gift of imagination!

In his/her dreams this child could come up with the solutions to this world’s problems.

Absolutely nothing seemed absurd… Trees would become skyscrapers, old metal would be a means of transport, toys and rubbish would be transformed into objects of fascination and inspiration.

Every day and night this child would dream of new possibilities and his/her options were endless. Truly, there were no limits.

One day this child would be doctor, then the next a farmer, and the next a police person, each and every day was a new beginning…

Nothing or no one would stop this child.


People around the child told him/her he/she had to grow up that these ideas were pointless and they were just silly games.

These comments were repeated time and time again; the child’s feelings were hurt in a semi regular basis.

This beautiful creative child started to doubt his/her skills, what once seemed a possibility was now pure absurdity.

What this child once considered a dream and a solution was but a puerile stupidity.

The child then became a teenager, his/her interests were different, they were shaped by the people around him/her… Or what was expected from him/her!

“Life” got in the way and… this now teenager thought that life, the world and everyone was against him/her.

Struggles followed… doubt had been planted, towards the end of his/her “innocence” those happy yesteryears were but a “blurred” memory.

Adulthood “forced” its way in and… “adult things” had to be done… Go to Uni, get the best marks, get a job, marry, get a mortgage, have a family, work for a lifetime and retire for a fraction of your worth…

This story wasn’t his/her reality, he/she just bought into it and it became his/her reality.

Can the clock be turned back?

Can this child come out of its captivity?

Can he/she dream again?

Can he/she wake up from that long and deep sleep?

Who knows…

Though, what I know is…

That child, that boy, that girl… was you one day, with dreams and hopes which were taken away accidentally (maybe even intentionally) and that child forgot all about it.

Thought, let me tell you, it isn’t too late…

You can still reclaim your dreams and hopes…

It isn’t too late, you just need to wake up, take back what is rightfully yours and fulfil your prophecy…

Your time hasn’t passed, your time starts now…

The End!

Till next time,



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