The Discomfort Zone 

The Discomfort Zone 

Time and time again we hear people talk about the comfort zone and that the magic happens outside it.

Though, what is outside the comfort zone?

What we find outside the comfort zone is the discomfort zone.

What is the discomfort zone?

The discomfort zone is the area where we grow, expand, learn and push ourselves to new realms. 

Should we remain in our comfort zones?

If you want to continue getting the same results and doing what you have always done, ABSOLUTELY, stay there and carry on like nothing. 

However, if you want to REALLY go for it and TOTALLY transform your life, then the place to visit and venture into is the discomfort zone. 

The truth is that this “zone” isn’t scary or uncomfortable at all, it is just unknown to us.

The only way you can find out what lies beyond what you know is by venturing outside of what you know and experience it for yourself. 

Success and successful people don’t just stay there and wait for things to come to them, they go for them them, step outside their comfort zone into the unknown, their discomfort zone.

I would love to hear what you have learned outside your comfort zone or what is keeping you in it.

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3 thoughts on “The Discomfort Zone 

  1. Love this! Agree with every aspect.

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  2. Succeeding outside my comfort zone makes me feel so much more confident!

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  3. Outside the comfort zone is exciting 🙂

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