Being Extraordinary 

Are you an ordinary person?

What is your definition of being ordinary?

I will share with you what I think of being “ordinary”.

Being ordinary  (in my personal opinion) is being safe, playing small and robbing yourself of your future. 

Most people refer to being ordinary as being your average Joe, being “normal”.

What about being crazy, wild and not conforming to the norm?

I believe that we were born to be extraordinary and achieve incredible things in our lives.

Which areas of your life would you like to get more out of and make a difference?

Which areas of your life you know you have potential that hasn’t been tapped yet?

What is being extraordinary?

I refer to being extraordinary when you go way beyond being ordinary or your “comfort zone “.

What I mean is you stop playing safe, you do things that scare you and move you closer to your goal and you have big dreams of you and your future.

When can you achieve and accomplish more when you are ordinary or when you are extraordinary?

What is your current reality?

Are you ordinary? Or,

Are you extraordinary?

I would love to hear in the comments box and how you are being either ordinary or extraordinary?

Till next time,


1 thought on “Being Extraordinary 

  1. I am being ordinary when I talk myself out of running my incredible new programme, the Art of Confidence. I am being EXTRAordinary when I visualise this programme as an amazing success helping women to live more powerfully as women and as mothers.

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