Stop It!

Recently I was told about Bob Newhart’s short video Stop It.

A ladies goes in with her fear of being buried alive in a box.

He hears her and then replies I will share two words with you, she waits for these two words and gets her pen and paper willing to get the “solution” to her problem. 

The two words:


“You don’t want to get buried alive in a box? Stop it!”

She shares other “issues” with him and the two words are repeated, Stop it!

This video shows how simple it is to let go of bad habits/behaviours and fears…

All we have to do is to STOP THEM… STOP IT!

Things however, change when we hold on to them… we call this secondary gain. 

What is secondary gain?

Secondary gain is when we hold on to something like depression, anxiety, bad habits, etc., because we get something from them. 

For example if we are “depressed” and suddenly we start getting a lot of attention from people and people we hadn’t seen for months or years come back to our lives, we will (unconsciously or consciously) do what we can to keep them near us. 

Same applies to other things we do, we do them because they keep us safe or in a place where we want to be and  “changing” would take those things away from us (or at least that’s what we think would happen).

Is there something you want to achieve in life? Though, something holds you back?

Can’t you stop it?

If you can, STOP IT!

If “change” is not on your radar or you can’t stop it, is there a secondary gain?

I would love to hear your comments in the comments box.

Till next time,


PS Stop it!

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