Stress promotes more stress

In today’s society we are a bit too accustomed to being stressed and being in stressful environments.

Did you know that if you wanted to be stress free all you need to do is surrounded yourself with people who aren’t stressed?

Stress promotes more stress!

This is very simple to explain, we are the average of the 5 people closest to us.

So, stop for a second and take a good look around you, who are the 5 people closest to you? 

Are these 5 people stressed out of their minds? Are they living stressful lives?

Or, are you surrounded by stressed colleagues at work?

All you need to do is change your environment or the people you surround yourself with.

At the same time, if you a want more optimistic and upbeat attitude in life, guess what you must do?

Exactly, surround yourself with more optimistic and upbeat people.

Remember, stress promotes more stress. 

Till next time, 


PS, how much has stress cost you so far?

2 thoughts on “Stress promotes more stress

  1. Oh boy then I am in big trouble! guess I better find a new “tribe”!

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    1. Acknowledging it is a great start Anthea, and you could also pace and lead these people to new possibilities, e.g. a stress-free life… it is possible, as Gandhi once said we have to change we want to see in the world. If we want a stress-free life, we must create that possibility for others too x


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