Is what it is it?

Is what it is it?

What you ever asked yourself the question:

Is this it?

So, when you ask that question are you:

  1. Empowering yourserlf? Or,
  2. Resigning, accepting defeat?

The reason I raise this question is because I often hear peopl saying: It is what it is…


Is what it is it?

Don’t you think you deserve more in life?

Do you not think that it may not be it?

What about asking yourself a different question, like:

How can I turn this around?

How can I improve this situation?

How can I solve this problem?

What lessons can I learn from this?

Do you see the difference?

By asking yourself a How question you are more likely to come up with a solution and finally ditch the It is what it is!!!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s read.

Remember it isnt the what it is, you can always turn it around.

Till next time,


2 thoughts on “Is what it is it?

  1. I think that you raise a good point about really examining whether we can improve a given situation and pose some good suggestions about how to do so by thinking of things in a different way. I think there still may be a place for the statement “It is what it is.” I think that there are some things that happen in our lives that we have to accept and may not be able to change, but rather have to figure out how we move forward from that point.


    1. Indeed Sarah, things happen all the time, it is how we react to them and solve them to move forward. Jorge x


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