Be a student of what you want to achieve

Be a student of what you want to achieve


What do you want to achieve?

What do you want more of?

Before I started my journey in the personal development I used to walk in life “aimlessly”, wanting this and wanting that and not getting it!

I used to ask myself this question:

What am I not doing?

Where am I going wrong?

I am so happy I chose the career path I chose because I learned where I was going “wrong”.

Are you ready for it?

I wasn’t studying what I wanted to achieve or become.

Let me give you an example of what I mean: I wanted to be singer and cinema star (and this is real BTW!), yet I never ever had formal singing or acting studies.

So, how could I be an international singer or a Hollywood actor without any formal studies?

If I don’t know how to use my vocal cords accordingly and how to read music would I be able to achieve that dream?

I wasn’t hanging out with any musicians or singers and learning from them.

Am I building the picture for you?

What will becoming a student of my chosen career/goal enable me to do?

There are many reasons why we all should become students of our chosen career/goals, here are some of the most important reasons:

  1. You will learn what work for those before you, everything in life is a recipe, a system we follow and it is that simple, when we read other people’s stories and successes we know what they did to get where they are. Success leaves clues!!!
  2. You will learn what didn’t work for them, don’t do it!!!
  3. You will develop a similar mindset to achieve your goal, you will learn to think the way they did to achieve their goal.
  4. You develop a belief in yourself and your goal, having a belief in what you are doing is so important to make it happen.
  5. You will save time, money and energy!!!

The list isn’t exhaustive, there some other benefits to reading/studying what you want to achieve.

In my particular experience I have learned to study success, authors in personal development and successful coaches who have been in the industry before me and are still going.

It is very likely they have learned what to do and what to avoid, so that experience is very valuable for me, they have developed a system and that is of interest to me.

Remember success leaves clues, we can only access these clues when we become students of that which we want to do or become.

We are blessed that there are countless resources available to us to help us achieve what want to accomplish…

In the end, how much do you to achieve that goal? For real? How bad do you want it?

When we REALLY want something we find the time, money and energy AND the resources to learn from…

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post, please comment in the comments box how you have benefited from becoming a student of your chosen career or if there has been a goal you were working towards and you studied it to get similar results.

Or, the opposite how not studying your career has affected you?

Till next time, with all my love,



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