How “lucky” are you?

How “lucky” are you?


Today I want to get rid of the myth “luck”.

How many times we hear people saying that such and such are lucky, or beginner’s luck; or people saying YOU are just lucky!


I am not even going to bother looking the definition of luck because it simply doesn’t interest me AND also it takes any power away from you.

You don’t like being powerless, do you?

What is it then?

I believe with every cell in my body what takes you the success you achieve in life is OPPORTUNITIES!

How many times you’ve heard that some people were at the right place, with the right people at the right time?

What we don’t hear is that not everyone takes action under those circumstances.

All of these factors, time, people and location are just opportunities… the beauty of opportunities is that we either take them and embrace or we don’t!

That’s it!

It really is that simple, there isn’t such thing as luck.

What we have at every single second of the day is opportunities that we either take or we don’t.

In any career there are various elements that can take you to the success you desire, location, education, time, people, money, etc., however, what truly makes the difference is you, and how you respond to what is being presented or available to you.

With this in mind that’s why personal development and having a coach to work with are key and extremely important because they enable us to see our blind spots and help us see an opportunity when we are presented with one.

So, what I want you to take away from today’s post is that there is no such thing as luck, only opportunities that we either take or we don’t…

Also being “lucky” is a very passive way of going about in life and embracing opportunities is empowering and gives you the control over your life.

How cool is that?

With all my love,



PS, if you have an area of your life where you are lacking confidence and want to achieve incredible success get in touch and take my 30-mins Free Consultation.

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