Do you believe in your own capabilities?

I remember a time when a lot of people would comment on my talents and abilities, and they would always wish me the best in my future. 

I struggled to see what they saw, I always knew myself as me, the person who came from a humble background and someone who was “normal”.

So, I would reject the compliments and I would do whatever I could to pretend the conversation was never had.

Now I know better, I welcome the compliments and do my best to see what they see.

Needless to say that in those days I did NOT believe in my capabilities. 

Do you believe in your own capabilities?

Like me are you blind to your own talents and gifts?

Do you reject people’s comments and put yourself down?
When you don’t believe in your own abilities and capabilities, you tend to self-sabotage and jeopardise any relationship.

On the other hand when you believe in what you can contribute and your professional and personal abilities a whole new world opens us.

When you accept you are good at something people can see your authenticity and how genuine you are about your talents. 

Believing in oneself has nothing to do with arrogance or cockiness, the opposite it is pure strength. 

Are you doubting yourself?

Or, do you accept that you are a person with talents and what you do matters too?

In the end the choice is yours. 

Till next time. 

With all my love,

PS share your thoughts with me.

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