Are you setting enough boundaries?

Are you setting enough boundaries?

Life is life! This is a fact!

What I mean by this is that life will happen, throw things at us and will distract us, whether we want it or not!

Though, what can we do?

Before I can tell what we can do, I will tell you what most people do, most people just give in! They give up and say goodbye to their future when the going gets tough…

Why does this happen?

I can give it to you in one word, boundaries… people have very few or no boundaries at all!

What is a boundary?

A boundary (in my opinion) is a protected area where we do not allow any person or thing to distract us and take us away from what we want or what we are doing.

When you have boundaries and you say to your spouse between 3 & 5 pm every Saturday is my reading time, you do what you want but at that moment in time I want to read a good book that will help me achieve my goals in life.

Doesn’t it seem simple?

It definitely is, however, most people just have no boundaries whatsoever!

I have a very simple system I learned from a fellow colleague and NLP Trainer, my boundaries system is a traffic light system, it goes as follows:

Red: Do not even think about it (you can knock on my door in emergencies),

Yellow: You may come in, just be polite and knock before you come in, and

Green: I am not busy come and go as you please!

My partner 100% understands this and I am delighted I was introduced to this system to become more efficient.

So, think about it, are you setting the right and enough boundaries to accomplish you goals or simply to have just you time?

Are you allowing yourself enough time and space to think with clarity?

We need our own “me” time in order to become more effective and efficient, we just forget to do it.

Do you have a boundaries system?

I would love to hear from you.

Till next time, with all my love,



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