Are you standing for the life of your dreams?

Are you standing for the life of your dreams?

Have you ever asked yourself the following question?

Am I being a stand for the life of my dreams?

Just think about this question and answer it to yourself.

However, what is a stand?

A stand (in my opinion) is a solid foundation where you can build and grow anything and I mean any dream and goal and come from it, nothing or no one will come between the person and their goals if the foundation is solid.

Are you standing (or being a stand) for the life of your dreams?

What does it take to be a stand?

You have heard me talk about declaring what you want, setting boundaries, keeping a journal, setting goals, eating healthily, reading, etc. etc., these are the actions someone who is a stand for their lives takes.

When you stand for your dreams you learn to say no to distractions, you do what some people would never even dream of doing, you keep in your mind 24/7 the life you want to create.

What happens when you don’t stand for what you want?

Truth be told nothing happens, you are just daydreaming and “hoping” you will have a magical “breakthrough” and that suddenly life will be “better”.

You do nothing, nothing happens, it is that simple.

I know many people who have dreamed of being a doctor and have made it happen because they were a stand for that dream, equally I have met people who wanted this and that and the other and quite frankly did nothing, they did not stand for their dreams and now they are either “stuck in a rut” or regretting what could’ve been.

Being a stand is much more than just saying what you want or what you are going to do but it is honouring your word and doing just that when no one is watching.

Getting up at ridiculous o’clock so you can read or cook your children’s meal, or plan your goals for the next month.

It is really easy to be applied and disciplined and a real stand; though, it is even easier to do nothing and accomplish nothing.

As ever the choice is yours, you either are a stand for the life of your dreams or you are not.

Till next time, with all my love,



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