How appreciative are you?

Often I hear people how much they want success and want more and more in every area of their lives. 

Don’t get me wrong, it is ok to desire more in life!

However, this desire/want becomes tricky when it comes from a place of scarcity. 

Let me explain this a bit further. 

Some people want more because they have little or nothing at all. So this does it is focusing in the scarcity factor, it would be like wanting to win the lottery and not buying any tickets, yet still hoping to win it.

On the other hand when we are appreciative of what we have and what we have accomplished in our lives, when we desire to have more we will be operating from a place of abundance which will resonate with that what we want and offer us the clarity needed to accomplish it.

Does this sound familiar? The Law of Attraction explains it better, what goes around comes around, thoughts of lack will attract nothing, and abundant thoughts will attract abundance into our lives. 

It isn’t difficult all we have to do is reprogramme and reset our thoughts and words so they are aligned with the outcome we desire to achieve.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Law of Attraction subject.

Till next time,


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